4 Things That Can Ruin Your Concert

Have you ever gone to a great concert in Nigeria? If I’m being honest, there are two concerts I’ve been too that really made me feel fulfilled after; Asa’s Encore Concert, and Kida Kudz’s Jiggy Boy Live. Both were held in Lagos, and should definitely be among the list of the best concerts ever done in Nigeria.

Why, you ask? Simply because they didn’t do any of the 4 things below, which, by every definition of the word, can totally ruin a concert.

Not Keeping To Time

Yea, I agree that African Time is a thing, a phenomenon that we still can’t explain, but damn it is more annoying than this disastrous economy. If you state on your advert that the show will start at 8 PM, then start by 7:50. It is really annoying having to wait for so long and then you get tired and uninterested when you finally come onstage.

Sucking Performances

Have you ever attended a show where the artiste would put up the kind of performance that will make you regret spending your hard-earned money? God knows there are a lot of them. You end up having to force laughter and feign enjoyment all because you’ve paid for it. There are a lot of performances that aren’t well-thought out, feel rushed, and looks more to be about quickly making money than giving your fans an actual experience.

Overpopulation Because You Want To “Sell Out”

Ah yes! The Nigerian way is to sell 10,000 tickets for a capacity that is meant to hold 6000 people just so you can say “I sold out” and make more money. While that is good for the artiste, it is really bad for the people attending the show, because you can say bye-bye to the right ambience. There will be a lot of pushing, pickpocketing, unwanted body-gumming, sweating, and the level of uncomfortability that will make you regret attending the show in the first place.

Being A Jerk

Most times, this isn’t actually the performer’s fault because he may not know what is going on in the crowd. But if you see something wrong and you unlook, then you are a total jerk. Davido stopped his performance when he saw people fighting and getting abused, J. Cole stopped his performance when the crowd was chanting “F*** Lil Pump,” and there are many more instances of artistes doing right by the crowd and staying true to the art because that is part of what it means to be an artiste.



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