4 dynamics that would have made Davido’s Pere video a lot less basic


I badly want to say I enjoyed Davido’s Pere video featuring Rae Sremmurd and Young Thug but unfortunately, I didn’t. I’m not sure where the problem may have stemmed from- maybe the song did not inspire Sesan enough to create a dope treatment or Davido’s arrogance got in the way. Nevertheless, I believe paying more attention to these 4 things would have somehow served as CPR…

  • More creative use of the space: If you are going to shoot a video featuring the Black Beatles and Young Thug ( especially one with a dope summer ’17 beat), I’m not sure being cooped up in some abandoned and dreary warehouse-garage looking space is the best way to go. At the very least, the space could have been worked creatively to achieve a number of better set options.
  • More Chemistry between Davido and his featured guests: It is not just enough to slap on big names on your song. It needs to be believable.There is a reason why it is called a collaboration. There was too much disconnect among the acts and my baby Swae kept acting like Davido annoyed him.

  • More focus on the dancers: For a video with absolutely no high points and no viral video, meme or gif worthy scene (except for Jimmy jumping upandan like a distressed frog), giving the dancers some more screen time would have made quite some sense. One bob-a$$ choreography may have avoided this entire conversation to be honest.
  • A relatable story: As mentioned earlier, maybe the song did not get Sesan’s creative juices flowing but besides being a music marketing tool, a video should somehow (no matter how brief) tell a story. All that could be seen in Pere, were a number of highly disconnected elements. Burning furniture, one fine girl, a couple of dancers that were not allowed to shine, a large puddle deep enough to swim in, a Ferrari, Davido, Swae Lee, Young Thug and of course jumping Jimmy.

I understand that a lot of circumstances can affect the end product of an artistic piece and I know Sesan can do much much better so…let’s hope that his future offerings have more substance than this.

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