3 Ways to Bounce Back From A Bad Breakup

So most people have been through a breakup or 2. It can be downright depressing or good riddance, depending on the circumstance(s) surrounding the breakup. Whatever the case may be, here are some tips to help your make the crossover from taken to single less excruciating.

GO OUT! Engage in activities that would keep you busy and too occupied to think of the fact that you just got dumped. Go clubbing, have picnics, and have sleepovers with friends. Doing all these and more would ensure that you’re not laying up at home feeling sorry for yourself and thinking the world is about to end.

WORK OUT: Seriously, you would end up looking good and feeling good. Go for a run, attend zumba or yoga classes, or just go do some squats.

REDISCOVER YOURSELF: Take out time to learn about you again. Expand your knowledge by reading books and inform yourself extensively by seeking to learn new thing about yourself and the universe.

All the above mentioned would leave you occupied with no room for self-loathing now that you’re single.

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