3 Strange Trends That Game of Thrones Inspired

When HBO released the first season of Game of Thrones, I doubt they ever thought it would be this big. Not only is it the most popular TV Show on earth, the cast members are also the highest-paid in history, with the top casts raking in $3 million per episode.
As if that wasn’t enough, much like Disney has inspired a lot of children-themed happenings over the years, Game of Thrones has given adults a world they wouldn’t mind immersing themselves in, and below, you’ll see three strange things that Game of Thrones has inspired in the world today.

Weddings and  Celebrations

Game of Thrones has seeped its roots so deep in the hearts of fans, that many people are making their celebrations Game of Thrones themed. Birthday parties, Weddings, Bridal Showers, and more are now the new cool. Imagine going for a party dressed as Jon Snow or Khaleesi, wouldn’t that be so cool?

Sports Betting

Sports betting and casinos have existed for thousands of years, even before Jesus Christ was born, but the one thing I never saw coming was betting sites incorporating Game of Thrones into their categories. Many sites now offer bets like “who will sit on the Iron Throne?”, “who will be the first to die?”, and many others. You can check out Sportsbet if you would like to partake in it.

Pop-Culture References

Nowadays, there are many slangs that have been changed to mean things inspired by Game of Thrones events. People we called LASTMAs because they arrived last to a trend are now known as Jon Snows, We have changed Queens to Khaleesis and Kings to Khals, White Walkers have replaced Johnnie Walker alcohol, and a lot of other references. Game of Thrones has really shaped and defined this generation in different cool ways, no?
Are there any other strange trends that Game of Thrones has influenced? Please let me know in the comment section below.
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