3 Songs That Prove ClayRockSu Is The Queen Of Nigerian Rock Music

They say a prophet (or prophetess in this case) is never appreciated in their country. This can be said for Clay as she’s way ahead of her time when it comes to music. Against all odd’s she’s sticking to a very unusual and an unpopular genre in Nigeria, Soft Rock music.

In the era of Shaku Shaku and Legbegbe ClayRockSu still sticks to her guns and unapologetically remains original while she stays in her lane. While there are a few upcoming female rock music acts in Nigeria, Clay remains the Queen (or even King) of Nigerian rock music as she has dropped some dope tunes that would make you fall inlove with her instantly. She has been dropping soft rock tracks for 8 years and even though rock music isn’t all that popular she has refused to leave that genre and it seems to be working for her. If rock music eventually becomes popular in Nigeria Clay’s name should be mentioned as she’s undeniably the OG of that genre. Before her was the Delta rock group ‘Neo’ who dropped the popular ‘Nepa bring the light’ track but for reasons unknown to us they split and stopped ding music. That isn’t the case for Clay as she’s still pushing it and also killing it.

Below are my top 3 Clay tracks that I feel you’d love.

1. Godwin (rock cover)

In her rendition of Godwin by Korede Bello, she totally changed the song in her rock cover and gave it a new dimension. If you’re not a fan of the original song i’m a 100% sure you’d love her cover.

2.Potatoes ft mak4

In this song she throws a passive shade at her haters telling them she’s on her own lane even though they hate her ‘waka’. Mak4 also dropped some igbo rap verses to compliment the song.

3. I luv my baby(wizkid’s cover)

This was the song that introduced me to the awesomeness of ClayRockSu. When I first heard this cover I kept asking who this chick was. I thought it was a white chick who did the cover but lo and behold it was our very own Igbo chick.

Clay has songs that are way dope than the 3 songs mentioned on this list. She even has some recent tracks with Aramide and Johnny Drille but for those of you who aren’t core fans of rock songs, these three songs of her should ease you into liking rock music as you’d be familiar with the tracks.



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