3 Reasons Why Ladies Love Men Who Dance


  • BECAUSE THEY SEE IT AS SAFE S3X: Dance gives women permission to get up close, physical and personal with a stranger, without commitment. It allows her to flirt without consequences (flirting, part of dance styling, is expected). The rhythmic syncing of bodies is enjoyable—it’s the goal—whether on the dance floor or in bed. Partnering, body contact, heavy breathing (either from fear, excitement, cardio or sexual arousal), a little sweat, bonding—sheesh, it’s damn sexy. In the right hands, it’s foreplay. Or, as another old yarn goes…it’s a vertical expression of a horizontal thought.
  • IT VETS YOU AS A SOCIAL AND A PRESENTABLE PERSON: How are you in a group? How are you at events? Observing you at a dance will reveal to her who you are as a social being. Discomfort, insecurity and creepy behavior will be easy to spot. If you can dance, you’re a fish in water and your confidence will be obvious. She knows you’re attuned to etiquette and you’re practised in the traditional arts of how to treat a lady. She likes that you fit in and that she can take you to social events. You’re a better trophy on her arm than the man who can’t dance.
  • IT SHOWS YOU HAVE A SKILL: Any skill, in the eyes of a woman, is better than no skill. It demonstrates higher value (DHV). You may say dance is a useless skill. It is, except if you’re at a dance. Or dating a woman who likes to dance. Or are about to get married. Then it’s a time-tested arrow in the quiver of mating and social rituals. Besides, it’s like being a wine aficionado. Only a man with money, culture and a life of leisure has the time to learn a useless skill.
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