3 reasons why Nigerians think Buhari is dead

Many Nigerians have blatantly refused to believe that the reason for President Muhammadu Buhari’s extended UK trip is to allow for further health care. Some say his ailment is terminal, a few claim he is in a coma while a chunk have concluded that he has kicked the bucket. Although recent information coming from the Presidency communicate the exact opposite, here are some of the reasons why Nigerians are in so much doubt.

The haziness of his extended vacation

His latest vacation and its subsequent extension may have left some loopholes in the mind of the average Nigerian. At first, the postponement was said to be indefinite but later estimated to the possibility of a 4- month time period. There have also been inconsistencies with correspondence from him which may honestly be due to the medical attention he is supposedly getting BUT…Nigerians are not buying it.

Instability of his health

The fact that the president needs 4 months to attend to his health in the UK definitely points to the fact that something is amiss. This is also not the first time he is jetting off for medical appointments. It is completely understandable that with old age comes recurring health issues but the austerity in the country has yanked off all sense of reasoning from the populace.

Once Yaradua’d, twice shy

Truth is, to most Nigerians, this is just dejavu. Yaradua left Nigeria on this same checkup premise and came back in a box. Far worsening the case is the fact that a certain website called usanews-tv.com published a story claiming to confirm the demise of the president. Even if it was a post that may have been founded on purely rumours, one can only wonder why the story is still unapologetically up.

Despite all the uncertainties, new surfaced today that President Buhari had a chat with American President, Donald Trump. This news sure serves as a beacon of hope as we all patiently await his direct address to Nigerians or even better, his much anticipated return.

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