3 reasons Men are celebrating this Valentine season

The season of love, a.k.a Valentine season is finally upon us. The season we have all been waiting for to show just how much we love our significant other, by showering him/her with lots of cake, chocolates, and gifts… or have we?

Many ladies are waiting for February 14 to come so that they’ll go on Snapchat, Instagram, and every social media available to brag about what their boo bought for them.

How Ladies are planning to enter social media and brag on February 14
How Ladies are planning to enter social media and brag on February 14

Guys on the other hand already have plans to celebrate Valentine’s day without YOU. Plans that you ladies will never see coming.

Here are 3 reasons guys are celebrating this valentine season.

  • Recession

It’s no secret that dollar haff cos. This recession is biting us harder than the dry cold bites us during Harmattan. Even Harmattan left early because it couldn’t stand the current state of the economy.

When Guys realised that the economic recession favours no gift buying this Valentine's day
When Guys realised that the economic recession favours no buying of gifts this Valentine’s day

A guy will spend money on fuel (transport and gen), food, tithes in church, data, and charity in a month. And after all these things, you expect him to still spend on you for Val’s day? Gifts and a date?

Haba! At least let President Buhari come back and make the economy better fess.

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  • Revenge of “Men are Scum” and “Yoruba Demons”

Do you remember when you went on social media and was following other girls to shout “Men are Scum” and Yoruba guys are “Yoruba Demons”? when you blatantly called all men “dogs”? Now that you remember, let me remind you that your boo never forgot.


Shebi I am scum and a demon, you now want to chop Valentine chocolate and ‘every every’ in this harsh economy?



  • Uefa Champions League

I’m sure for some days now, your boo has unconsciously been singing “These are the champions…….”, and you’ve been wondering why? He has been whispering in your ears romantic things like “I can’t wait for Tuesday night,” and beautiful things like “it’s gonna be a pleasant night under the stars“.

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If by chance, you think those words are for you, I hate to break it to you, but he’s all about the UEFA Champions League, and nothing more.

The only stars your boo cares about this Valentine's day
The only stars your boo cares about this Valentine’s day

In front of the television, with a bottle (or bottles) of Heineken, wearing his club’s jersey, or at least romancing his phone, ready to troll the life out of other clubs.


So after all these things, you still expect him to spend money and give you the val’s day of your dreams?



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