3 Easy Steps To Get Your Songs Featured in Nigerian Movies and TV

music distribution vibengPlacing your songs in movies and TV is a great way to reach more audiences, gain new fans, and make more money. But how do you get started? Here are three easy steps to get started!

Get the Right Songs

The right song is the most important factor when it comes to placing your songs in movies and TV. When you want to make a song that can possibly get featured on screen, it’s always best to think of the kind of scene you expect your song to play in. Nollywood, for instance, has way more drama/romantic comedies than action and other genres, and if you are a musician who sings party/street music, then your songs will probably have no place there. Think in terms of songs with general emotions that are not connected to specific images.

Make sure your song is of high quality

High-resolution audio of your song is really needed. Not only will you be submitting the vocals, you will also have to submit the instrumentals because music needs to be high-quality for film and also because sound editors may need to use portions of your audio without words.
Apart from making your songs readily available, If you’ve written songs with artists or other writers, make sure you have an agreement to pitch songs from everyone (including publishers) before you get out there. The worst thing ever would be to find a placement and then all of a sudden find out that your co-writer’s publisher was not on-board.

Find a Place to Start

Get in touch with media houses, go for film festivals, and try to have a meeting with filmmakers. Research companies online and find films that use similar music and follow up from there. There are also companies that broker music. Do your homework about the reputation of the company you are working with and make sure you educate yourself on the terms of the deals.

Don’t send a hip-hop song if they are looking for singer/songwriter tunes. And, if you do have co-writers, pick one person to be the liaison for the film so you can collectively be effective in communication with the filmmakers.

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