24 Things You Are Doing That Proves You Suck At Adulting

suck at adulting vibengThere’s nothing that annoys an adult more than remembering how at a younger age, he/she was in a rush to grow up; saying things like, “Mehn, I can’t wait to finish school and start working,” or “See ehn, I can’t wait to be an adult abeg.” LOL! Don’t you wish you could go back in time to slap some sense into your younger self for saying such foolish things?

Still, we are working now and we can afford things – no matter how small – that we couldn’t before, but are we sure we can we confidently say we rock at adulting? Well, if you can relate to at least seven things in the list below, then it is proof that you clearly suck at adulting and the responsibility life!

You suck at adulting if:

  • You struggle to wake up/get up from bed every morning to go to work.
  • You would gladly buy the latest iPhone or tech and starve/trek for the rest of the month.
  • You still spend most of your time (when not at work) playing video games.
  • You are always either waiting for someone you like to text you first, or you can’t keep a conversation going.
  • You are looking for a boyfriend that will be buying you things you and your parents cannot afford.
  • You are still using different plays to get girls to sleep with you.
  • You set multiple alarms, yet you are still always late for work.
  • You are broke by the middle of the month.
  • You give your friends advice that you do not follow/live by.
  • Noodles are what you cook and eat most of the time.
  • You call your mum to come and help you anytime you fall sick.
  • You delay paying your bills until the last possible second.
  • You still shout “UP NEPA” anytime PHCN restores power.
  • You rather text or spend most of your time on social media instead of getting quality work done.
  • You think you should get special attention on your birthday… and you snap with balloons that show your age.
  • Your house, kitchen, and room are always in a serious mess.
  • You pack all your clothes to one side of the bed and sleep on the other side, or you heap all your clothes on top of each other.
  • You do not have the slightest clue about tax, insurance, or even how to pay your bills.
  • You call your father everytime you have a problem.
  • You prefer to sleep and eat cookies all day, or you dream of being your own boss just so you can wake up and go to work whenever you damn well want.
  • You are only in a committed relationship with football clubs and/or TV series.
  • You use your savings account more than your current account.
  • You never accept your mistakes, instead, you find a way of justifying it even if it means lying through your teeth.
  • Being high on marijuana is the only way you think you can be cool and achieve a high level of spirituality.
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