12 Nigerian Songs That Eulogize The “African Booty”

I’m never going to understand what men (particularly the Nigerian ones) fancy about extra flesh attached to a woman’s rear but word on the street has it that wars have been fought and that mighty men have fallen all because of the “Booty”.

Thanks to Wizkid’s curiosity, Donjazzy just revealed what led to the making of the greatest Mohits song ever which happens to be about booty so I woke up like, “What the hell, let’s talk about the best Nigerian songs that appreciate the derriere of the African woman.


I managed to gather 12 of them and I have counted  them down in the my order of great to greatest.

 12: Ifeoma – Lynxxx

Release Date: 2013

Producer: E.Kelly

Before our brother in the Lord Lynxxx publicly declared his new faith status, he declared his love for booty in this song titled Ifeoma.


11. Ibadi – May D

Release Date: 2014

Producer: Legendury beatz

Whatever happened to May D? Anyway, he docks at number 11 with this fast paced dance tune about a girl who made him fall in her love simply by the way she moved the junk in her trunk.

10. Shiga – Vector ft Toolz

Release Date: 2014

Producer: E.Kelly

Vector’s own nyash anthem is quite apt as it features the poster child for Nigerian booty, Tolu “Toolz” Oniru Demuren.

09. Lekwa Ukwu- Iyanya

Release Date: 2013

Producer: DJ Coublon

It’s not really hard to tell that Iyanya has a thing for the female backside considering that a number of his hits loosely make references to it verbally or concentrate on it in terms of dance movements e.g. Kukere, Your Waist, Lekwa Ukwu etc.

Le kwa Ukwu is an Igbo phrase which means “see waist/booty”.


08. Bombay- Wizkid ft Phyno

Release Date: 2014

Producer: Dokta Frabz

Only Wizkid will compare a woman’s tail feather to the full city of Bombay. Gotta love the connotative word play though.


07. Bum Bum – Timaya

Release Date: 2012

Producer: Young D

As far as Timaya is concerned, it doesn’t matter where you come from; just shake up your bumbum.

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