10 “You Ain’t Sh!t” Nigerian Songs That Promote Breakup

As we all know Know, Valentine’s day is over and if you’re one of the people who found out you were the side piece and the person who you thought was bae isn’t bea, then console yourself with this playlist that says ‘Fvck you’ to your ex.

Also, this song should appeal to guys who have been trying to ‘Toast’ a girl and she’s fronting for him.

One Ticket

This was the biggest ‘GTFOH’ relationship song that popped last year. If you’re a dude and your bae is giving weak excuses on why she won’t spend vals with you, this is the song you should use to console yourself.

Change Your Parade

Arguably the best breakup song to ever come out of out of Nigeria, this song is for guys who have been trying to toast a girl and she’s been fronting for him.

For Your Pocket

Arguably Peruzzi’s biggest track, this track literally says ‘Carry your love and put it in your pocket’.


This song is the epitome of ‘When I was broke you didn’t answer me, now that I’m rich you want a piece of me’.

Kele Kele Love

This song is for the ladies. It basically preaches that if you’re going to love me, don’t love me in secrecy and love me in public.

Satan Be Gone

Another fvck you song from a females angle where Asa tells a Yoruba demon to get the hell out of her life. If truly a guy inspired the song, then shoutout to him because he must have done a number on Asa.

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