10 Types of Co-workers You Are Likely To Have In Your Office

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Fresh off NYSC, job hunting, currently among the working class or planning on joining them soon? Then this post is definitely for you.

After a few spells interning while in school, teaching during service, and working here and there since then, I have come to realise, through careful studying of the people I’ve worked with and am currently working with (please, Y’all don’t crucify me for this as you catch your subs), that the following nine co-workers are almost always in every office.

Mean Boss


No one can mentally drain you faster than a mean boss. He/She will make you question your intelligence, self-worth, and sometimes make you compromise on every social plan you may have for no reason at all. You go home every day wondering what your existence in this life really means.

I remember making plans with a friend to go see Doctor Strange the day it came out in 2016, only for his boss to say that nobody was going home until the one person (whose work had no attachment to others in the office) yet to submit his work, does so. My friend was in the office till 9:15 pm that night. Imagine!

Baba Pessimist

This co-worker never sees what is right in the company. Everything is wrong in his/her eyes and to get a compliment from such a person or please the person ehn, it’s kuku easier for Nigeria to achieve peace.

This co-worker can effortlessly suck the happiness out of every reward, bonus, or brilliant project that you may have.


These ones are usually found in groups and never outgrew the naughty things they did during their childhood years. Things like hiding your meals, sending emails from your computer when you are not looking, etc.

Naturally, their actions will irritate you sometimes, but they have this lovely cuteness that makes you smile and laugh, forgetting what got you annoyed in the first place.

HIGHer Beings

If you work in a creative environment, then there will be at least this one co-worker who cannot seem to get creative until he/she gets in a few puffs of marijuana or tobacco. He/she needs it in order to activate his/her brain cells to think deeper and awaken the creative beast sleeping in him.

Silent Killers

By silent killers, I do not mean assassins o. I mean those who are quiet and extremely efficient at their work. They do not partake in office mumbo-jumbo until they are through working. They are mostly quiet until their tasks for the day are done. The awesome thing about such a person is their level of calmness and stoic expression which always leaves you inspired to go get some serious work done.

Office Jester

This one co-worker is always the centre of attention. He/she is known more for his antics than for his work and efficiency. The office jester always makes the working environment full of humour with his jokes and mannerisms, making the office more fun than one would expect.

Amebo Supreme

The one person always knows about every happenings going in, out, and around the company because they make it their point of duty to know. Any gist you want (personal, public, etc.) on anyone in the company, trust the amebo supreme to have everything under lock.

Office Relationship Goals

These co-workers are actually not dating, but they are so close to the extent that everyone would sometimes wonder if they are. They are always together gisting, huddled up and gossiping. They are always eating together, and sometimes going home together, basically at each other’s side whether it’s during a break, office hours and office parties. It’s more or less the perfect office friendship.

I-Too-Know (I.T.K)

This person believes he/she knows everything about anything, whether it’s in their department or not. And most times, they believe they can actually do a better job than the person employed to do so, especially if the boss doesn’t like the particular project put forward. Trust the I.T.K to have many suggestions on how to do it, while also telling you what to do instead down to the last detail. The funny thing is, they actually do not have a clue on what they are talking about, they just want the boss to notice them.

Judge, Judger, Judgest

Every day brings something new for this particular co-worker to judge on. Whether it’s what another person is wearing, eating, or doing. “See what Bisola wore to the office today…,” “can you imagine what Chukwuma did this morning when he came in…,” “I get razz and ratchet vibes off Rasheedat…” and more examples like that. The funniest part is that such people are exactly what they judge others for, yet they think they are better than the ones they are judging.

I’m sure you may have come across or heard about some other types of people in your respective offices, please tell me all about them in the comment section below.

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