10 Times EFCC’s Tweets Had Us Laughing Our Asses Off

The Nigeria’s anti-corruption agency, Economic And Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC is known for busting the asses of corrupt politicians, yahoo-yahoo guys, and anyone suspected of financial crimes as their names suggest. However, towards the tail end of last year, we were introduced to the sarcastic side of EFCC on twitter… and they haven’t relented since.

They have become the number-one destination for Naija Twitter to get some much needed comic relief with their epic replies, clapbacks, and total savagery!

Check out their top tweets and replies below and get ready to “LYAO” and LOL!

Fam, she never esppered the epic response she got

  • …… And neither did he. Lord have mercy on us for laughing at this response
Bruh! The poor guy wasn't even ready for it. And neither were we.
Bruh! The poor guy wasn’t even ready for it. And neither were we.
  • When the recession hit Nigeria hard and That Igbo Boy called EFCC out for not working and fishing out the corrupt people so that the country can get money from the recovered funds… but,


  • The account is also known for its sarcastic answers to strange questions …
  • Naija tweeps missed their savagery so much that a brother had to ask why they were quiet all of a sudden… but that response *Criennnn*gnjhvkb-m
  • See ehn, I can’t even explain this one. Just look at this and cry with me because I can’t do it alone.img_20161214_075742
  • The love grew so much that Female fans started asking the handler out (Lucky guy if you ask me. Me that spent my Vals day alone and in tears. pfft!)…. but he savagely turned them down!


  • Another girl wanted to test the Men are Scum theory by making sure the person handling the account cheated on his “court date”… But the handle passed with flying colours!
  • And last but not the least, EFCC really loves and has the best interest of Nigerian Youths at heart by giving a really wonderful piece of advice. However, Mr Abiola wanted to show that the advice wasn’t really gonna fly with the Youths.efcc
  • …. But, the savagery in the reply is everything!


Mehn! I can’t wait for EFCC to arrest the whole lot of corrupt politicians and restore balance while keeping us entertained, laughing our asses off, and giving us a much-needed comic relief in this recession.

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