Ladies!!! 10 Things You Need To Know About Your Hymen

In this age, virginity seems like a thing of the past, and many people have doubts about your virginity status because of the belief that virginity = available hymen.

The importance placed on the hymen is very misplaced and most times unnecessary because there are many, many myths about the hymen that have long since been debunked.

Below, you’ll find some important knowledge you probably didn’t know about your hymen:

The hymen doesn’t necessarily break the first time you have s3x

The hymen doesn’t always break the first time you have s3x. In fact, even if it breaks, it doesn’t technically mean you’ve lost your virginity.

Regular activities can tear your hymen

That’s true! Sports activities like badminton, tennis, squash, cycling, long jump, acrobatics, can tear your hymen. Again, that doesn’t mean you have lost your virginity.

Not all women are born with it

Many women are actually not born with a hymen, and this is completely normal. There is nothing spiritual about it.

Your hymen is not the gate to your vag1na

Contrary to popular belief, your hymen isn’t what stands between a penis entering your vag1na.

They come in different sizes

Just like vag1nas, hymens come in different shapes and sizes as well. Some hymens cover half the vag1na, some cover the entire vag1na and some are non-existent.

Your hymen is also elastic

When a penis enters the vag1na for the first time, the hymen stretches along with the vag1na. Hence, it means that it instead of tearing, like many people believe, it just stretches to accommodate the penis.

Masturbation can actually tear your hymen

If you masturbate and actually insert something into your vag1na, then your hymen can actually break.

Your hymen can be restored

If you do not have s3x in a while, your hymen can actually stretch back to its original position.

Even if it tears, it doesn’t necessarily go away

Oh yes, it means that your hymen is probably still inside you. It stretches and finds a place somewhere in the general vag1nal area, and stays there for a very long time. Probably, your entire life.

It is actually hard to find a hymen

In the glorious chaos of flaps, labia and hair, your hymen can be quite tricky to point out. However, everybody is different and the size of your hymen is different as well.

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