10 Steps To Succeed In The Music Business In Nigeria

As an upcoming act in the industry, stop waiting for a savior to help your career. Get your ass up, go all out and promote yourself. You have all the tools and equipments you need. You have direct access to your likely fan-base. Prepare, create, & promote. Your success lies in your ability to plan and achieve. People keep talking about money being an issue. It costs NOTHING to put music on FB, Twitter, etc. What else do you need for a promo?

Now as a Nigerian artist you have a direct and easy access to millions of people. Find an interactive way to engage people & sell yourself to them. Don’t get caught up in the hype of Radio airplay as your only means to promoting your music, Radio is just a part of it.

I’m not going to talk too much as I have complied a few proven steps to getting your music out there in Nigeria. If you follow the next few tips, you’re sure to get your music out there.

1) Quality Is important and Key

Quality is probably the most important aspect of your music. Most upcoming artists have no idea of quality. Their rhymes are crappy, their mixing and mastering sucks and their overall music just doesn’t sound
professional or attention catching. The easiest way to stand out and make a serious impression is to step up and handle your audio quality. Get yourself a studio with a decent condenser microphone, a better sound card and find someone who
will mix and master your songs at least semi-professionally. If you sound professional, people will think you are professional. Nobody wants to a crappy song and see potential in it, I mean who has the time to 🤷🏼‍♀️. This single step will put you ahead of most other upcoming artists in this game.

2) Go to radio stations within your reach 

Make a list of radio stations within your reach. Start with regional promo, it’s easier to manage. Nationwide can come later. Going to radio stations to promote your music is one easy way to get your music out there. People put on the radio in their cars like all the time, On their way to work or even in a Taxify quickly heading out.

3) Prepare yourself as a product

Work on your image and be sure you’re “attractive” to the average person that comes across you or your music. Being an Artiste doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get piercings, Tattoos and what not. Look the image you’d want to be in 10 years time or you’d be proud of. Something that can describe your music and what makes you unique.

4) Start your Networking 

Get your CDs to all the Radio DJs, club DJs, bars, Night clubs, Radio stations, Radio personalities, and everywhere music is a culture and tradition. 90% of Nigerians find theirselves in all of these places and putting your songs out there could actually win you an audience.

5) Feature a Well-Known Artiste

Getting on a track with a well-known artist makes you stand out like crazy. Most self-proclaimed upcoming artists will never do that cause of money and all that. They are simply too afraid to give it a try and don’t
believe that it’s possible and last but not least they don’t know how it’s done. This is a huge opportunity for you. Nothing will boost your credibility more than a
collaboration with a medium well-known artist. There’s no doubt that this is one of the best ways to stand out.

6) Work on your Social Media

Create a Myspace, instagram, twitter, facebook fan page, reverbnation and upload your EPK to each of them including your song, photos, bio etc. This is one of the best ways to get your music out there as social media is the Go-to for everyone living in the 21st century.

7) Groom Yourself as a professional 

Get ready to perform. Create performance routines, find an exciting way to deliver ur song to any audience that will leave an impression. Carry yourself as a professional not an Upcoming and be ready to deliver.

8) Campaign your Music 

Start your online campaign, start building your fanbase by sending your music to people. Do everything in your power for people to listen.

9) Learn how to handle criticism

Hey, it happens no matter how great you are, some people just won’t like your voice. Even world famous singers have people who dislike them. Only listen to constructive criticism if it can actually help you improve your talent; otherwise, ignore it. Don’t get into arguments or fights regarding your dreams, and walk away from any hecklers odds are, they’re just jealous or I’d say that’s their work, To criticize.

10) Get yourself a good Distribution company 

In as much as you go all the way to distribute and market your music yourself, you need a good distribution company that can continually push your music to various platforms. E.g ITunes, Boomplay, Mtn Music, Spotify etc. These are a few of the best music selling platforms and it’ll definitely To your music to the next level with enough listeners and viewers.

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