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2016 with all the bittersweet memory is about to come to an end and just like the good news, we’ve heard a lot of sad news around the world.

With heartbreaking news like Lt. Col. Muhammad Abu Ali’s death, to the shooting that killed school children in America,  let’s take a moment to relive the top Nigerian saddest moments in 2016 while praying for better days in the coming year.

  • Fulani Herdsmen
Fulani Herdsman with his cattle
Fulani Herdsman with his cattle

It has been a bloody year for states like Benue and Edo due to the destruction left in the wake of Fulani Herdsmen. what started as a small rift because of land for their herd to graze has turned into a bloody affair. Hundreds of innocent women and children were slaughtered, many villages were burnt to ashes, and many massacres have occurred. Over 400 souls were lost this year.


  • Uyo Church Collapsing
Reigners Bible International Church after the collapse
Reigners Bible International Church after the collapse

Things went from singing and praising God to mourning the dead as Reigners Bible Church international in Uyo collapsed during church service. The Governor, Udom Emmanuel, who was also present at the service barely escaped with his life. READ MORE


  • Peace Mass Transit Accidents
Peace Mass Transit after the accident
Sad Scene. Peace Mass Transit after the accident


Two Peace Mass Transit buses were both involved in ghastly accidents within the space of a month. The accident which claimed the lives of over 30 people, both happened in Enugu. In the first accident, 14 lives were lost, while in the second, only two out of the 15 on board the vehicle survived.


  • Stephen Keshi
Stephen Keshi after winning AFCON
Stephen Keshi after winning AFCON

The footballing world shook when the death of ex-Nigerian Head Coach, Stephen Keshi, was announced.

The master tactician believed anything could be achieved and proved it by leading the Super Eagles to victory in the African Cup Of Nations, and also led the team to the round of 16 in the World Cup Finals. Even with NFF owing him month’s worth of salary, he always put the team first and didn’t let that hinder him from putting his all into coaching the team.


  • Shuaibu Amodu


We barely had time to mourn the loss of the great icon, Stephen Keshi, before the news of another ex-coach Shuaibu Amodu, hit us.

He was one of the most successful coaches in Nigerian football, with many accolades, and medals awarded to him. he also served as vice-coach to a lot of former Nigerian coaches, and his great wealth of experience will be sorely missed.


  • OJB Jezreel
OJB Jezreel dies after getting a kidney transplant
OJB Jezreel dies after getting a kidney transplant

Musician, producer, and legend Babatunde Okungbowa, known to the media world as OJB Jezreel’s death was one that brought tears to the eyes of many.

The great legend who worked with the likes of “face Idibia, Kennis Music, and even training and mentoring Wizkid, had to beg for money for his kidney transplant his beautiful wife donated. the surgery was successful, but Babatunde died 3 years later. He will surely be missed.


  • Nomoreloss
Ololufe crooner – Nomoreloss

Late popular singer and songwriter, Olumuyiwa Osinuga, popularly called Nomoreloss’s death, was another death in the music industry that shook us because he paved the way for many RnB musicians in Nigeria.

The ‘ololufe’ crooner died from Pneumonia. His hit songs “ololufe” and “let them say” will live long in the hearts of many Nigerians.


  • NYSC Deaths
Ifedolapo Oladepo dies while serving Nigeria
Ifedolapo Oladepo dies while serving Nigeria

It’s a thing of joy when you finish from University with a First Class. And even more pride when you serve your country. But it’s so sad to see the country neglect and allow you die in vain, like the case of Chinyerum Nwenenda Elechi, Ifedolapo Oladepo and Monday Asuquo Ukeme. The 3 corpers who died in camp due to negligence by NYSC officials.

Ifedolapo was complaining of pain, but the officials thought she was faking it because she wanted to escape camp activities.

  • Dollar Rise


The dollar rise has affected the lives of every Nigerian, as the prices of goods have increased, and the inflation rate is too high. Many Nigerians are struggling to eat, while others are barely scraping by, just trying to survive. The dollar rate has plunged the masses into more poverty. And that is why a lot of Nigerians went in on the many Ponzi schemes that circulated the country.


  • MMM Suicide


When  MMM came to Nigeria during the economic crises, millions of Nigerians jumped on it because it was a way to make money instead of turning to crime. During the Christmas period, even more Nigerians went in on the scheme because they needed money to celebrate Christmas.

However, MMM crashed, and lots of Nigerians lost their life savings, pensions, and worst of all, people committed suicide because of it. below is an excerpt from the woman who is threatening suicide.

“I decided to put my 120 thousand and I was to collect 187 thousand by 24th of December because I have 3 referrals through my link only for me to wake up this morning to hear that the whole thing has crashed. Please. that is my life savings. even the woman that referred me is crying too.

MMM has ruined me. I want to kill myself. I am going mad. the people that introduce me to this thing started since and has made some money. me na just last week I do my own. please help me.”

Pray and hope for better days in 2016, and also tell us other saddest moments in 2016 that aren’t on this list in the comment section below.

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