10 Hot Spots To Visit With Your Favorites In Lagos

Talking to your friends and trying to decide where to go this week or the next can get so stressful you know? There are so many places to sort through and you just come up short because damn, you wish there was a map to guide you places rather than racking your head all time.

Here’s our list of 10 places you and your guys can hit up and have FUN!

Up Beat

For all who like to have fun and recreate childhood memories of bouncing around, go carting, playing basketball and many more engaging indoor and outdoor activities with your friends; this spot is perfect for you to unwind and make amazing memories!

La campagne Tropicana beach resort

If you desire a breath of fresh air and a day with nature; pack your things, drag your friends and head out in your best outdoor attire to this amazing recreational destination! This resort is popularly known as the birthplace of African décor because of its eloquent African interior designs and amazing gallery, you’d definitely leave with a big smile on your face reminiscing on the day’s activities!

The Jazz Hole

This highly recommended location is a breath of fresh air for all African lovers, there seems an endless rack of music by great black artists, monumental pictures with historical significance and a long line of books (fictional, historical and non-fictional) that will send your mind reeling with the stories behind every page. Overall the ambiance, soul food and cake is the reason you will keep coming back!

Rufus and Bees

This arcade and play house takes everyone way back and bring nostalgic smiles onto their faces as there is a sea full of games arcade and bowling and a restaurant and bar on the rooftop for the relaxations and discussions and part two of the fun.


No one comes up with a hashtag for just any place #DESTINATIONILASHE is a famous private beach that requires a boat to get to the destination taking a boat; it’s such an exhilarating experience getting on the boat and taking videos over the sea before getting to your destination for the actual TURN UP!


This film house and theater is home to one of the largest screen rooms for movies in the City! There is literally no better place to watch some movies than in a cozy and engulfed room with the lights on and amazing food and snacks at your disposal. The experience is phenomena.


The home of the best fish in the entire City of Lagos (depending on who you ask) is a club and a hangout spot; that means however you and your friends decide to play the night you have a late night restaurant and a night club all in one!, if that isn’t the absolute best I don’t know what else is.

Nike Art Gallery

This is the resting place to one of the world finest pieces of art and African culture, Nike Art Gallery owned by the astonishing Aunty Nike is a safe haven for art lovers and the perfect spot for glorious images and food for the eyes; the pieces here are absolutely incredible and jaw dropping all the while educating us more on who we are, what we come from and what we stand for!

Lekki Conservation Centre

If you ever decide to go the destination that holds the longest canopy walkway in Africa, has a beautiful zoo filled with a variety of animals and large game pieces LCC is the place to go! The walk alone will have you clinging to your guys for safety and that’s #facts; the animals that are allowed to roam around are super friendly, there is a great nature background for all our picture Kings and Queens and there is a games area with large chess pieces alongside other fun outdoor activities!

Jhalobia Recreation Park and Gardens

Our last spot is an aesthetic wonderland for you and your friends to enjoy; this destination is perfect for picnics and semi-small groups to come together, eat good food, have even better conversations and create lasting memories together whilst in a beautiful environment for pictures and outdoor activities!

Visit our spots and thank us later!

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