10 Fashion Hacks Everybody Should Know About

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Fashion is not really as hard as it may seem. What makes it seem so sometimes is the unavailability of certain tools, that would have made a look complete. The good part is, You can always improvise. Which is why I’m giving 10 fashion hacks for men and women, that you probably don’t know about.

  1. Spraying the underarm and collars of your shirts or tops before washing them, with lemon juice would eliminate all of the stains. Image result for ink stain on clothes hack
  2. To dissolve ink stains that may prove stubborn on your clothes, use hand sanitizer.
  3. Filling up your shoes with water helps to expand them. This doesn’t mean you should put the water directly into your shoes. You can fill a plastic bag with water, place it in your shoes and keep it in the refrigerator. Try this and you would have a better fitting and more comfortable shoe.
  4. In the absence of a flat thong, use an iron to straighten your hair and remove frays. Yes, you can oil your weave, it would only make your hair smoother. Image result for tank top bra strap hacks
  5. When wearing a tank top, you can use a paper clip to hide your bra straps. This works in the absence of a strapless bra.
  6. Some stubborn make up stains can be removed with shaving foam. The stains could be from concealers, foundations or more. Cover the stained area with shaving foam and wash afterwards for a make-up stain free cloth. Image result for jewelry cleaning hack
  7. Cleaning jewelries may be tasking, especially when they’re beginning to look rusty. You can clean your gold with beer and ketchup for your silver jewelries. Sounds weird but it works.
  8. Putting newspapers or teabags into your shoes helps to absorb the odor and moisture.
  9. If you have a sun burn, use Earl Grey’s teabag. You can apply the teabags directly on the wound or brew them in warm water.  Image result for shoe hacks
  10. Add stick-on deodorants to the back of your shoes, to avoid getting blisters. In the absence of this, rub sheer butter on the parts of your leg where you could most likely get blisters before putting your shoes on.

These are some of the hacks that could make your fashion life a lot easier.


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