10 Amazing Spots Lagosians Couldn’t Get Enough Of In 2018

When it comes to having fun in exotic and classy locations, Lagos has to be the winner. From fun parks to luxurious cinemas and even suave art galleries, Lagos has it all. Below are ten of the hottest locations in Lagos that people just couldn’t seem to get enough of and if you live in Lagos and you haven’t visited at least four of these locations then you probably need to go out more.

1. Upbeat Center

Upbeat center was one of the hottest places to visit this year. You’d basically lose weight while having fun on their multifaceted indoor trampolines and if you’re not in the mood to jump around you could relax and snack on the icecream in their icecream bars. In my opinion, this should be the number one fun Lagos destinations you should head to because you won’t really break the bank to have fun at this place.

2. Rufus and Bee

This is the coolest arcade spot in Lagos with loads of competitive games you and your friends can play. It’s best you visit this spot with a bunch of friends rather than go alone.

3. Imax

Lagosians would argue that the Imax cinema is the best cinema in Nigeria because of the little extra added luxury. The chairs are more comfortable, the screen is far bigger than other cinema screens, the sound quality is different and even those who mostly go there tend to be people of the upper-class Lagos. If you want luxurious movie experience then Imax cinema should be your one-stop shop.

4. Nike Art Gallery

Arguably the coolest art gallery in Lagos and what makes this place so awesome is the fact that the owner ‘Nike’ is always around and people swear she’s the nicest woman. She’s always ready to give you a tour of her gallery and explain each piece of art telling your their origin and what inspired them all.

5. Lekki Conservation Center

This cool spot allegedly has the longest canopy walk in west Africa which makes it one of the coolest destinations to visit while in Lagos. If you’re scared of heights and not in the mood to scream you could relax in the park while playing with giant chess and checkers pieces. It’s a cool spot for a first date or a family hangout.

6. Takway Bay Beach
Arguably the coolest low budget beach in Lagos, this private beach has shallow waters meaning you can swim in it without the fear of drowning. It’s also relatively fun because cool people always go there so if you’re the type who’s looking to make new friends then this beach should be in your go-to spots.

7. Ofada Boy

This restaurant is relatively new and has been the rave on the mainland. It serves gourmet local dishes and drinks with Ofada and Palmwine being it’s biggest hits and it’s ambience and interior decor is to die for. It’s the kind of restaurant a tourist should visit if they want to get quality local dishes.

8. Ikeja City Mall

Due to the fact that almost everything cool in Lagos is located in Lagos Island, ICM found it’s way to this list because it’s the biggest mall in Lagos mainland which has loads of cool stores. If you live on the mainland and can’t be bothered to make the island trip then you should definitely visit ICM.

9. Ada’s Pancake Hub
This is arguably the coolest pancake shop in Lagos with varieties and different flavours of pancakes. If you have a sweet tooth or you’d rather a savory pancake thn Ada’s pancake hub should be your spot because people who have gone there swear that her pancakes are the fluffiest pancakes they’ve ever tasted.

10. Omu Resort

This place has to be the most fun location on this list because it has a lot of side attractions. It has a zoo, parks, pool, Kayaking, archery, amusement parks and many more. You might have to break the bank a bit for this one but it’s guaranteed that you’d have fun.



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