YouTube Monetization: An Insight into its Approach and Features

One of the major factors in the business of selling music today is the ability to generate income off your product or content via several channels. Our focus here is on ‘How you can monetize your Content on YouTube’.

Recent stats show that the number of people generating a 5-figure revenue from YouTube has gone up about 5% while those earning 6-figures has increased to over 40%. This gives YouTube bragging rights as a worthy business platform, where content creators can effectively generate and monetize their content. Here are a few ways to monetize your content on YouTube:

Independent Monetization

This is an independent channel of monetizing some aspect of your content through the ‘Partner Program’, without the inputs of a middleman. The revenue generated from your content will, however, be split between you and YouTube according to the stipulated rev. share. The criteria for Independent Monetization include;

  • Your channel must reach 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers
  • Google AdSense: You must have signed up for Google AdSense. This allows YouTube to pay your royalties
  • YouTube Monetization Settings: You must adjust your YouTube monetization settings to enable the ads you want running on your content and the type of content it should run on
  • Follow and Obey all YouTube Partners’ Policies patiently, while waiting to be approved

Content ID Policies

This is a digital “fingerprinting” system that YouTube content creators can use to identify and manage their COPYRIGHTED content across the YouTube platform. This ensures that your COPYRIGHTED content isn’t illegally used and monetized. If identified, the Content ID ensures that you get a royalty from such uploads. The simplest way to identify and manage your content is by working with YouTube Certified Content Aggregators (such as FREEME DIGITAL).

YouTube Red

This is a paid YouTube Streaming Subscription Service that provides advert-free video streaming to its customers. It offers access to music, series, and movies, all without adverts. For now, it is exclusive to some countries and isn’t accessible to a global audience. Once again, working with a distributor allows you quickly and easily get your content on YouTube red as well as collect the appropriate royalties when it is available.

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