Young Thug: Why Female Nigerian Musicians Should Emulate Him

We all know about the Nicki Minaj and Cardi B beef. Nicki was the top female rapper in the world, a new upcoming female rapper, Cardi B, was coming up and Nicki started beefing her and now they are sworn enemies.

Same happened in Nigeria, Tiwa and Yemi Alade who are allegedly the female top dogs in the industry are lowkey throwing shots and jabs at each other and insulting each others body parts.

Let’s take a short trip to the west, America. We all know Young Thug who’s a trap rapper and speaks a different kind of English called ‘Slime’. In the beginning, he was the only popular rapper who did music in that form and excelled in it and years later two new acts ‘Gunna and Lil Baby ‘started rapping in Slime. They both started individually and found a way to link up and rather than become sworn enemies they started doing tracks together and that gave them fame.

Young thug saw them and rather than get intimidated and angry(Like Nicki Minaj did Cardi), he took them under his wings and did loads of track with them thereby co-signing them, we should note, these two new cats sound exactly like Young Thug.

As we all know, there’s barely a handful of Female music acts in Nigeria and their biggest complaint is that people don’t welcome them with open arms into the industry compared to their male counterparts. Agreed, it’s a mans world, but a popular saying goes ‘We rise by lifting others’. Imagine if a Tiwa Savage or a Yemi Alade cosigned and featured other female acts thereby breaking them into the industry(rather then being intimidated by them or trying to pull them down), the music industry would be a better place for female artistes.


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