What Candidly Makes Up A Good Success Story

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When people talk about being successful, I mostly always wonder what success truly means. Is it a lot of money? Constant happiness? Or something else? Is it having a bit of every thing?

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A number of people do see success as getting to the highest peak of their career or venture. Having enough money to last them a lifetime, or having a steady and very reliable means of generating good money. Candidly, money is good. ‘Who no like beta thing?’ Truly there are a whole lot of things that one can do with a lot of cash in the pocket. When I’m broke…seriously broke, I do very much understand how much value a 100 bucks is, and at that point, one bulk cash is success for me ( Please note, you can’t have 1k and tell me or anyone else that you’re broke.) And yes I rolled my eyes when I typed that…

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Okay seriously now, what do you think defines success? In my opinion, a person who is successful is someone who not only carries  their self through life’s challenges on to the peak of life’s achievements, but someone who in so doing takes another with them. In simple terms, I would define success as reaching a certain degree of satisfaction with yourself and the people around you. In this field, there is enough money, joy, and satisfaction. There is no success without a content heart. If where you are in life doesn’t give you enough satisfaction, you will continue to strive to reach somewhere that would. Although the world may perceive one to be successful on the basis of their social happiness, real success is defined within a person. In light of this, my success story would be to have been able to take another through their own journey of attainment.

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Success to me is more than having a lot of money, which is why I love Jcole’s pep talk before his live performance of ‘love yourz’.There are millions of people who are constantly dying from inadequacies and helping a number of them get better is a step forward. The most important think in a success story is impact, being able to confidently answer the question of how much lives you have touched_even one_and how much change you made to something that the world chose to neglect rather than address, no matter how little this change is.

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True success means selflessness. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy your life, or do your own thing, it means not pulling out the negligence card. This is what success means to me.

What do you think defines a true success story?



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