Waje Laments And Considers Quitting Music in New Video

Singer, Waje, gets in her feels and considers quitting music in a video uploaded on YouTube.

The singer poured out her heart and lamented about the state of the music industry and how much work she has put in with fans still not being receptive to her music.

”I know how much time and effort has gone into this particular album… I’m at that point where I’m just… maybe it is time to just bow out,” she expressed.

She also made comments about ”bowing out when the ovation is loudest.” ”I don tire,” she cries, ”I don’t have faith in this anymore… I am not willing to do this thing anymore… Do you know how much I have invested in this career thing?”

”I don’t want to be in the class of artists that have failed, I don’t want to be in that class. I just know that I have come to the point where I just don’t think its working for me anymore,” she concluded.

In my opinion, Waje is a bundle of talent that the music industry doesn’t deserve. People like her who make good music are usually underappreciated all because the majority of Nigerians prefer gbas gbos gbas kind of music, which, in my opinion, is making people even duller than they should.

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