#VibeQuickie: When Did Nigerians Become So Soft

It’s funny, a lot of Nigerians are fond of dissing Catholics and saying the Catholics worship Mary. Some even go as far as saying Catholics are fanatics who are idol worshipers because they bow to statues but when Beverly Osu wears a Nun’s costume these same people come for her saying she’s shitting on Christians and their faith. Guys, keep the same energy.

So, let me get it straight. It’s cool to diss white garment churches and make meme’s about them being barefoot and them dancing like clubbers in their church, it’s cool for us to say they are fetish people who dabble in the dark art but when Beverly wears a nun’s costume we bitch about it? Guys, keep the same energy.

So, it’s cool for people to wear a killer zombie nun costume on Haloween day and there’s nothing wrong with a woman wearing a sexy nun costume to fvck the brains out of her husband but when Beverly wears a Nun’s costume smoking a cigarette we get offended? Guys, keep the same damn energy.

Your next line of defence would be, But if she wore a Hijab and did this in the north she’d be murdered. If by chance you said that, give yourself 5 slaps. You’re basically condoning the violence in the north which by the way is a false stereotype. The popular Hausa actress who was banned from Hausa movies because she hugged and kissed an actor wasn’t beaten or murdered. Also, nobody is going to kill her because she wore a hijab and smoked because we southerners are learning where northers smoke and do drugs.

Apparently, being offended is now the new cool in Nigeria. Everyone just wants to talk and be involved in the conversation forgetting that more than half the time their opinion doesn’t really count. Beverly has done what she did, nothing is going to happen to her. She’s made her money, you’re making her trend and keeping her relevant. The ONLY people who have a right to shit on her are Catholics, and when they are done making their priests to stop sleeping with Young boys maybe we could listen to them.


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