#VibeQuickie: The Island Vs Mainland War Needs To Stop And Here’s Why

It's not a Joking sturvs

Recently I and a few of my friends (who just got back) decided to hang out and have some drinks and disturb Lagos, we anonymously decided the location to meet should be somewhere on the island and I suggested we chill at freedom park because it’s classy, affordable and they have Karaoke at night. Also because their food is lowkey affordable and all the cool woke kids tend to hang there. So after a few hours of drinking, eating and making a fool of ourselves with the karaoke we decided to call it a night and we were about to head to our various homes then my friend said: “Thank God we’re not on the mainland, if not we would have been robbed or beaten”.

I was surprised at that statement, this is someone who hasn’t been to Nigeria for the past ten years and he made such an assumption with such certainty. To be fair I won’t blame him, I’d blame twitter ng and Instagram for propagating such an ideology. This pointless Island/mainland wars might seem like all fun and games but it’s actually affecting the economy of Lagos. How you might ask, well, here’s how.

Olamide’s island concerts are always sold out every time he does it on the island but the one time he decided to do it on the mainland the turnup wasn’t all that much, Why? because we’ve painted the whole of Lagos mainland as a ghetto.

My I just came back friends lodged at Radisson blue hotel in VI (which is very expensive) because ‘They’d rather stay on the island’ because social media has painted Lagos mainland to be savage.

Also, a lot of I just got back kids were around this December and most of them hung out at the island and a few hung out on the mainland, meaning every hangout spot on the island made money and the mainland didn’t make as much as places on the island.

We need to stop this pointless island mainland beef, even though it’s just banter and smiles some people take it seriously and wouldn’t be caught on the island because you’ve all painted it to be a savage place via your twitter fingers.

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