VibeQuickie: Why Men Should Stop Trying To Change Women

If we’re being honest, men can be scum sometimes with the things they do and what they say. How? Well, a lot of times women say the reason they bleach is because their man said he’d prefer if they were light skinned *Coughs.. Toke Makinwa*, while nobody believes that excuse it tends to be true a lot of times.

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A man would meet a woman whom he likes, he’d meet her as a dark-skinned woman, win her heart and when he knows that she’s his and she wouldn’t be going anywhere he’d start to complain and tell her he loves light skinned women and wouldn’t mind if she started to bleach her skin. In my opinion, that’s Fvckery of the highest order, Why do men do that rubbish? If you prefer light skinned women why go for a dark-skinned woman and then try to change her to be your spec thus destroying the woman’s esteem and destroying her for the next dude because we all know you’re eventually not going to marry her.

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Same applies to men who have a thing for skinny ladies but still go for thick ladies. How does that even make sense? It’s like going to a restaurant and craving Jollof rice but you then decide to order fried rice and you keep complaining about the rice and comparing it to Jollof. If you want a skinny woman go for her and leave chubby women alone. Don’t go for a chubby chick and keep complaining about how fat she is and how it would be awesome if she lost some weight. But then again, encouraging her to shed a few pounds isn’t a bad thing but if that’s how you met her and still decided to ask her out then brother, keep quiet and don’t complain. The only exemption to this rule is if when you started dating her she was on the slim side and overtime she added a lot of weight and her body did a 360 change, while complaining to her isn’t the way forward, it’s allowed to encourage her to shed a little bit of the weight she put on.

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So, Kings, there it is. If you meet a woman a certain way and you don’t like some certain things about her, please don’t ask her out and if you’d ask her out don’t try to change her because she is who she is.

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