Vibe Review: Jidenna comes right back into our playlists with latest E.P Boomerang

With his feature game looking like album goals.

Feels just like yesterday when we were all over the place, tryna ensure the smooth flow of our first ever Community Meeting; with the Chief, Jidenna as our special guest host. What that has to do with this is that, he briefly reviewed his Chief album with us before discussing albums versus singles in a digital era and now, 9 months down the line, I’m reviewing another spanking new project but this time, by myself. No fair!
Lol the hell, who am I kidding? The selfish pleasure’s all mine…

boomerang cover art

A voicemail from a very cranky woman holds the door out for us into the Boomerang opener, named Decibels: A title that describes the typa greens that our classic man indulges in, the impact of his arrival on any gaddem scene but mostly, the heavy idgaf attitude and character of this boisterous yet fascinating female; all best described in one word. Loud.

She my Smokahontas, but they just call her divaLmao @ Smokahuntas

You can’t work a con with no con-fidence – 👌👌👌

Suit bespoke and I ain’t said sh!t -🔥🔥🔥


In Boomerang, even when Jidenna leaves this woman who’s about to wreck him, “he comes back around”. Well a chunk of his Chief album came back around seeing that 2 of its biggest singles are boldly remixed on the E.P. I say boldly because remixing successful songs can be a quite dicey one especially when they now appear as stand alone pieces on a project as short as this. I definitely love the horns at  1:10 that turn this Afrobbean instrumental into a full-blown carnival. Shout out to Lotto Boyzz for the genre definition -“Afrobbean” by the way.

Boomerang Track List

Spy Candy out here talking about insecurities and monitoring spirits (now fully powered by tech) with the number one African bad gyal Tiwa Savage in the guest star section.
Thanks to the 2nd and 3rd tracks on her Sugarcane EP, I was quite able to switch easily with her into this alternative element that is quite different by miles in lyrics and construct, from most of her market specific music. (Almost unrelated but Yemi Alade needs to give me something to train my ears😑 )



Now if one suddenly wakes up and develops the guts to remix 2 perfect tracks like Bambi and Little Bit More, they’d better be armed with Maleek Berry, Burnaboy, Sarkodie and Quavo.

Jidenna rolled the mvthafudging big guns out! Whaaaaaaaaat???!!!

Nah, y’all ain’t heard Jidenna well when he dropped Bambi so he had to repeat himself.
I personally think Jidenna is an intellectual show-off. He wholly applies his overly knowledgeable and sexy self to his music and it is always, always evident.
As basic as it may sound, the manner with which Jidenna managed to give a total spin to the story of Bambi the deer -using exceedingly great literary tools- is just way too sublime.
I’m not sure why I felt all buttery when I heard Maleek’s intro but I did😍😍😜.
Everything was all mushy for me till I heard Quavo do the signature Migos adlibs and I just burst out laughing.
Sarkodie  rounds the song off throwing in his Ghanaian weight behind America (Quavo, Jidenna) and Naija (Maleek, Jidenna) making this track the biggest global force on Boomerang.
Some might see the 3 features on Bambi Too as irrelevant and unnecessary but I see a quite beautiful strategy.

Oh, Bambi, it’s my design
To run the jungle, I must be a lion
Or be a cheetah, but neither is fine
Don’t wanna hurt my dear love o my life 

I am not even surprised at the excitingly new delicious flavour that Burna Boy gives “Little bit more Remix”. I mean, hey, this is my Burna we are talking, in whom I am very well pleased.
Aaaaaand we tumble over into the last bit and guess who is still cranky af…the woman at the beginning who is probably the one represented on the cover art lmao.
This time she’s in accusatory mode, expressing her saltiness mostly in bilingual sarcasm. Right after her voice trails of, we fully get into this Dot Cromwell and Wale assisted joint and from what I understand, the discussion is about an independent woman in “alternative self employment” if you know what I mean. The song narrates the reality of her lifestyle and all the reasons for her choices. I’m guessing the Out Of Body title means the premium sexual pleasures she commercializes or that she’s run..out of body count? I’m not even sure if this makes sense.

Verdict is, Boomerang is a juicy bite-size and I am extremely pumped at Jidenna’s massive quota to the globalization of music, his willingness to experiment and his persistence to win on all frontiers. Special shouts to Jidenna’s production team for the rich and uncommon sound fusion. This is a sure listen. Use the link below to agree or disagree with me.

Get Boomerang By Jidenna Here


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