Vibe Quickie: Peter or Paul? Who Will Be The Destiny’s Child of P-Square?

If you are one of those who believe that P-Square’s break up is a stunt, I beg to break your heart. This is not a strategy for a Yuletide single or anything close to that. The reality of things is that Peter and Paul will now continue their musical sojourns as individual artistes (hopefully not for long), and we will have to learn to love them in their separate capacities as opposed to the synergistic force we have all been so spoiled with for well over a decade.

I don’t know about y’all but I have many questions. If these two don’t behave and settle their differences, what will a single by Peter alone sound like? What would the interpretation of a choreography by Paul look like without Peter sharing the lead? How adaptive will their fans be to this new change? The hell, how will their fanbase pick sides? How receptive will the music market be to the separate offerings of these 2? Will we prefer one to the other? Will one pop more than the other? And if that happens, who will be the Destiny’s Child of P-Square?

While some of you take some time to side-eye me (literally your device though) for putting such perspective to what might come off as sensitive, I’ll take the time out to define what a “Destiny’s Child” is.
Captain obvious: Beyonce is the Destiny’s child of Destiny’s Child.
Nicole Scherzinger (Where’s this one sef?) is the Destiny’s Child of Pussy Cat Dolls.
Justin Timberlake is the Destiny’s Child of Nsync
Tuface is the Destiny’s Child of Plantation Boiz and I’m sure you got it right from the caption but i’m clearly in the mood to annoy.
But really though, will this split show the brothers in their best light individually or will the absence of one brother be visibly felt in their forthcoming projects?
Nobody really knows and we will not be able to judge until each drop a number of solo works for us to judge by but from what we already know, the few factors below will most likely play a great part in ascertaining their solo successes.

Peter Okoye

Peter Okoye Mr P
  • Having seemed to be the choreography backbone of the group, his videos might pop with some killer dance routines.
  • From a small poll I ran, more females might gravitate towards Peter’s music as he is believed to have more sex appeal.
  • He already had a dance with Peter show running with Globacom which will be good for his relevance in the long run.
  • He just signed a deal with an American Label and if things go well, he might easier find comfort in the international market as a solo act.

Paul Okoye

Paul Okoye Rudeboy
  • If all the rumours of Paul being the sole writer of all P-Square songs are true, then he might be very well strategically placed to continue churning out the same quality of hits that we’ve known the group for.
  • He already floated Rudeboy Records which houses some interesting acts- Muno and Lucy-, giving him a set platform for future continuity.
  • He seems to still have the backing of their older brother Jude and though it seems like a bleak advantage, it sure counts for something.

Personal advice: Both brothers should capitalize on their various niches instead of falling for the temptation of trying too hard to be a “total package”. Here’s hoping they both thrive in their solo journey or better still, they can get back together and save us all (their fans) the stress of being biased and choosing a favourite.

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