Vibe Quickie: Nigerians Overreacted Over The “S3x In Car” Issue

public sex
public s3x

Most recently, the news about a couple who got embarrassed for having s3x in their car in public went viral and it has caused quite an argument online.

The news was that the residents of the said area got angry at the couple, saying they brought an immoral act to the neighbourhood and Nigerians have been going on and on about how stupid it is to have s3x in the car, how it is a crime and how the couple deserves the embarrassment they got.

However, a guy took to Twitter, asking the Nigerian police if the act was wrong. He directed the question to Abayomi Shogunle, an assistant commissioner of police and Abayomi Shogunle replied, saying…

public sex
public s3x

Personally, I think Nigerians overreacted or are overreacting about the s3x issue. The couple is wrong to have decided to have sex in the car out in the open, during the day and in a car without tinted windows. That was highly stupid and I’ll tell you why.

Firstly, things are accepted differently in different places. Some people are still not exposed to certain acts, like this.

Then, it is fr**king still bright in the day. Children could pass by, people are still going about their businesses and you’re all up in their faces. As much as some people in certain places will ignore and just pass by, this is not the western world, it is still a moral and societal wrong.

Now, those people saying they deserved to be embarrassed and jailed, that is just plain unbelievable. When did having s3x become a crime?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having sex in the car, even the police do not find anything wrong in it, as far as you put some things into consideration.

Note though, if you do want to have sex in the car, please be smart about it. Save that, I think Nigerians just love overreacting.

Thank you…

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