What I Think About Twitter Rape Allegations and Revenge Nudes

Over the weekend, Nigerian Twitter was once again lit up with rape allegations and the expected revenge nudes and suicide claims that almost always follows.

Looking at the facts and getting into my Patrick Jane zone, his reactions after the allegations were dropped lean towards him being guilty of it. I don’t see how your mother can just come out of heart surgery and the first thing she did is to go on Twitter to read the allegations about her son, which then caused her death. And if you’re being accused of rape, why are you playing the “I’m going to commit suicide” card instead of staying alive to clear your name? And as for the revenge nudes and eating ass video, well, Lord have mercy on us, please. That’s all shades of wrong!

On the flip side, the accuser clearly has some vendetta against the guy. I’m not debunking the claims that he did rape people, but is she really going to come out to accuse him when she is part of his body count? Out of the pictures he posted of his alleged body count, her picture was one of them, and the fact that she changed her dp shortly after and locked her Twitter account also leans into the claim that she was one of his conquests. Could it have been a case of “bitterness after he chopped and left?”

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Next up, the following questions come to mind: A guy spends 500k on you in the club and you follow him to his house (especially when you aren’t dating nor are you good friends) expecting him not to at least make a move? The next question is raping someone in a car. If you aren’t passed out drunk or something, it seems very uncomfortable for it to happen because for car sex to even happen, both parties have to find some level of comfort in the very confined space.

On a final note, I really urge victims of rape to at least report to the police or follow the steps below, they are very important. Twitter isn’t going to help you get the justice you deserve, and that is a testament to the fact that the alleged rapist’s followers grew by over 100% all through the allegations were flying in. And if the rape allegations turn out to be false, then God help you to be honest.

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