#TuneBackThursday: Naeto C – The King Of Urban Pop Slangs

Those who know music would agree that Neato C has immensely added to the Nigerian Hip Pop and Pop culture. Apart from his rap prowess and evergreen music, he popularized some slangs that were instilled on the lips of almost every Nigerian millennial. Let’s not forget that he also popularized wearing the Aboki cap on cool casual clothes.
Also, we’re not saying Naeto made Davido who he is, but who was the first big cat that put and push Davido to the music scene, Twas Naeto.

A lot of people say Ice Prince was the first rapper who made rap danceable but I beg to differ, Naeto C was the one who started the trend. Below are 6 slangs Naeto Popularized in Nigeria

1. Kini big deal

After dropping his hot music video Kini Big deal, that phrase was on the lips of almost every Nigerian.

2. 10/10 Shikena

It’s not like he invented the term 10/10, but again, with his music, he managed to popularize it making it urban and hip.

3. Know My P

4. 5 & 6


5. Akomi Ti Poju

6. Yes Boss

His repetition of these two words in almost all his song get stuck in our heads and even till date everyone still says yes boss.

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