Trey Songs Involved In Another Lawsuit For Violence Against Fan

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Violence is becoming a regular offense among artists, especially upon women. A lot of American male sought after artists have been hit continually with cases of violence, harassment and sexual assault, most of which are blacks. Is violence becoming a trend or is it just a case of an exaggerated situation?

Trey Songz has been sued recently by one of his fans. According to this fan, Trey Songz injured her and her cousin haven attempted to take pictures of him. According to TMZ, the woman said the musician twisted her arm and wrist, after refusing to take the pictures. She is suing Trey Songz for medical expenses and other damages, as she says she might suffer cosmetic disfigurement from the injury inflicted upon her. The fan also claimed that the incident led to her suffering from depression, which in turn led her to seek psychiatric help. Fascinating right? Well let’s also remember that this incident happened last year, October precisely.

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The previous lawsuit against the “Oh nana” singer was that he smacked the phone of this woman’s cousin off her hands and unto her face, resulting to broken glasses. There is a lot of drama going on here I must say, considering that this incident also took place last year, in December.

Well not only Trey Songz is involved in this lawsuit. The venue these incidents took place, Vanity Grand Cabaret, is being sued as well. The reason is their awareness of Trey Songz tendency towards violence and negative interaction with the public.

We are waiting on the musician’s response to this lawsuit. But candidly, lawsuits against black artists have become so rampant. Is this an overstated highlight of violence among black men or is there more to it?


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