Sugarbana: “People Need To Stop Making Music For No Reason”


Nigerian Singer, songwriter, composer and producer, Sugarbana is such an amazing talent. He walked into his interview session wearing a unique hairstyle and I couldn’t help but ask what inspired the hairdo.

His reply was, “My hair was inspired by our old great-grandmothers, my hairstyle is just basically old school. It takes us back to when our mothers made hair look beautiful, they didn’t have time for Brazillian weaves and all that is trending now.” So, you can call me Sugarbana with the new look and old hair hairstyle.

I got curious again and asked if he would like girls of these days to rock their hair like that. His reply again was… “Yes, I would. I would love to see a lot of people make their hair like this. I think I have inspired some already”

The ariste has a healthy sense of Humour and made his interview session an interesting one.


Why does everyone call you the “artistic champion”?

#laughs… Because that’s who I am, I am the artistic champion “Sugarbana”.

How did Sugarbana come about?

Sugarbana was given to me by my mom. Years back when I used to help my mom get sales in her office. Although she had workers, I got her more sales whenever I was around. She used to tease me saying my mouth is sweet like sugar banana sometimes. She used to say sugar bana instead of sugar banana, so her workers also started calling me Sugar Bana. I got used to the name and decided to brand it – since I am in the entertainment industry.

What’s your birth given name?

My birth given name is Prince Cyprian Okafor. #laughs… Yes, I am Igbo.

Sugerbana, the writer, composer, producer, singer and instrumentalist. Which would you say you do best?

Yes, all in one, that is why I am Sugarbana the artistic champion, original brutality. I think I create the best. Apart from singing, the creativity behind the composition of the music. That’s where I come in best.  But my music is always my favourite part in all I do.

If you had to pick one of all, which would it be?

I will pick my music of course. I am the artistic champion Sugarbana, my music is inspiring, it music comes in after my life.

What is music to you?

Music to me if life Like, can you imagine a world without music? Music is everything, it is joy, it is happiness, it put smiles on people’s faces, it takes away pain form homes, it heals wounds. It is everything, there cannot be a world without music.

How would you categorically describe your kind of music?

I’d say I make Reggae classic. There is a little bit of Afro-infused. My music is not the kind of music you come across on a daily basis. I don’t make music because of trends, I take my time, sit with my producer and produce a sound that when you listen to you, can see the infusion of many things that just makes me Sugarbana. I do Sugarbana music….

If you weren’t doing anything music related, what would you be doing?

I would be alone in a place, locked up, thinking about a lot of things. I don’t see myself not doing music, I would die for music.

How did your love for music start, what inspired it?

To be frank with you, I don’t know. I just discovered I love music and I was listening to a lot of music, reggae music, a lot of classics. And during those times I liked miming to celebrities songs before I realised I could create my own sound. I started singing back-up for celebrities. Until I figured out how to produce myself in the studio.

Are you an Independent artiste?

No, I’m not. I am signed to L’Afrique. Although there has been so many hurdles we have been pushing on.


When did you start music professionally?

I started my music professionally in the year 2012. Before then I was in the music industry then but I was a backup guy, the run around guy. I was always on stage but I don’t want to call the name of the people. They are not really big now but back then there were the shit.

Any celebrity crush?

Sugarbana and Stefflondon….. #laughs. In Nigeria, I would say Tiwa Savage she hot sexy she has the whole diva thing going on her energy, she is just super hot but I wish she could be a teen again because, she rocks.

If you could change three things in the music industry, what would it be?

Firstly, the orientation of the big artistes not carrying the upcoming talented artistes along. and the situation where big artiste takes upcoming artistes, used them for a long time and make them feel like they are not what they think are. These big celebrities are like extractors. I have heard a lot of people complain and talk about this. I have also been an example of this. I am one of the people who will fight for those kinds of things not to exist. I would also like people to stop making music for no reason, I want people to listen to good music. Most especially in this country. Let’s learn to make proper music.

Let’s talk about Pull Up

Pull Up is a song I composed in the studio, we needed to create something and my producer made a sound, so I jumped on it. I was going through some things at that point and when the beat came up, I just went in my feelings. After recording, I played the song for some friends and they liked it. So I thought to put the song through a proper production process, so everyone can listen to the sound and be inspired.

Your favourite behind the camera people, directors/ producers?       

First, Kudos to Clarence Peters, and the likes of Director Q. Producers I respect the most right now in Nigeria and beyond are Cracker bits, Mike Misan and Masterkraft.

3 Artistes you’d want to work with?

I want to work Sauti sol, I want to put out a song with Burna Boy because I don’t see myself as one of those artistes that see others as a competition. You just have to understand that these people make good music as well. And I’ll like to work with Wizkid.


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