VIBE LIST: 5 social media platforms you MUST use to build your brand as an artiste

Social Media

The world is going global and the best place to interact and sell your brand is on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But for an artiste, you need more than just the conventional social media sites to promote yourself as an artiste. Social media marketing is key for the success of your music career.

Social Media shouldn’t be taken for granted when it comes to growing a brand and artiste exposure. Your fans need to know what you are up to at all point in time. That way, they will feel more connected to you, because it creates a large room for artiste-to-fans interaction on social media. In order to grow your fan-base and maintain these relationship/interaction, here are 5 social media platforms you will be needing.


Social Media

Facebook is a must have for any serious artiste who wants to connect with his fans and grow his fan-base. Facebook still remains the most used social media website in the world and it will be to your advantage if you can capitalize on it. There are a lot of things you can do with Facebook as an artiste. You can create your Artiste Facebook Page and invite your friends and fans to like your page. You can share your music activities with your fans by simply tagging them to your post. You can also connect your Artiste website to your Facebook Page to drive traffic to your website and you can utilize Facebook for a proper campaign. Why waste time? Get on Facebook and start the push.


Social Media

Instagram has become the new social hub for young people and it’s where you can find first hand information from your celebrities. Instagram is strictly visual in the sense that you need good and engaging pictures and videos to draw interaction with your followers and so many brands are beginning to take it serious. As an artiste you need to flow with the trend. Since your fan-base is mostly made up of young people, one of the best social media platforms to interact with them is Instagram. By simply sharing good quality pictures and short videos of your musical activities, there will be a direct effect on your interactions thereby leading to an increment in followers. These followers turn to loyal fans with time.


Twitter gives you the freedom to follow people you have interest in. This way you can easily attract people that share similar interest in what you do. As an artiste you can use it to your advantage by appealing to a certain set of people and growing your fan-base. To have a strong presence on Twitter, you need to be very active by always tweeting about yourself or your music. You can also reach out to your fans sometimes and use a hashtag to start a campaign for your new song or a cause. Twitter is fun as long as you understand how it works.


If you are not yet using Youtube, you are missing a lot. Youtube is still the biggest video streaming social platform in the world. You can’t be serious about being an artiste without having a Youtube channel. This is very important because people are always searching for videos on a daily and it would be disappointing for your fans not to find a video of you on Youtube. The good thing about Youtube is that it can be monetized to earn yourself a few bucks out of your creativity and hard work. You can upload all your videos and I mean any video that you want your fans to see on Youtube.



Almost everyone that has a smart phone uses WhatsApp. Imagine having the power to connect to all your phone contacts by sharing your music, videos and links to them simply by creating a group where you can broadcast anything you want to share to them. Isn’t that cool? This is the most direct means of reaching your fans and friends because you already have them as a contact on your phone. So many business deals have been carried out through WhatsApp and who says you can’t strike a record deal on WhatsApp? There is a lot you can do with WhatsApp now. You can make video calls/audio calls, and now you can utilize the new WhatsApp Story to share interactive videos of you performing or recording a new single.



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