She’ll Never Come Back For S3x If These Things Happen

Because Women Don't Like Inexperienced Men

couple sex kiss
Ever had s3x with a girl and after the act she keeps avoiding you and does everything possible to see you outdoors. She might be avoiding you because she feels like a slut for putting out so soon, or she might be avoiding you because your bed game was so weak she couldn’t bear to go another round.

Here are some things you might have done wrong.

1. WEAK FINGERING: The vag!na is a relatively nerve-free region, except for the area near the opening and the famed G spot, so poking away limply isn’t going to blow her socks off; the advantage of a finger is that they can bend to hit areas that penises can’t access, so find those areas of her vag!na that are most responsive and apply deliberate, sustained pressure

2. TOO MUCH THRUSTING: Yes, women do not want a “one-minute’ man, but this does not mean you should keep thrusting for hours, your partner can get bored if you keep going on and on, causing your sexual ‘prowess’ to be pointless; if you can last for hours, make sure you’re checking in to see if she’s still enthusiastic.

couple kiss

3. TOO MUCH POSITIONS: Porn seems to be to blame for giving men the idea that they need to change positions every couple of minutes; there’s a reason that this is necessary for porn — watching actors have s3x in the same position gets dull quickly and makes for bad TV — but for actual, real-life s3x, there’s no need for the same high-frequency changeups if a woman is in ecstasy in the position you’re in, keep going.

4. PUTTING YOUR TONGUE IN HER EAR: The ear area can be erotic, whispered dirty talk sends plenty of women wild, and licking or chewing on the lobe is also widely agreeable but the surprisingly common act of sticking your entire tongue into the actual ear canal is not acceptable because hearing the slopping of a tongue magnified 1,000 times is not erotic

5. NOT KNOWING WHAT TO DO WITH HER CLIT: Yes, the cl!toris is where the magic happens, it is also a HIGHLY SENSITIVE collection of nerve endings, so treat it gently — otherwise the only thing you will achieve is numbing it; 0rgasms generally take women some time to achieve too, so don’t rub the cl!t expectantly for two minutes then ask expectantly whether she came.



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