R. Kelly: Victims Claim To Have Undeniable Proof To Convict Him

R. KellyR. Kelly has been on the end of some heavy fire and even a criminal investigation ever since the docuseries “Surviving R.Kelly” aired on LifeTime.

Although many were sceptical about the criminal case doing any good, since all his previous visits to the court on the many multiple allegations saw him getting discharged and acquitted, it looks like this case may be the defining one that ends up putting Kelly down.

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At least 1 alleged victim of R. Kelly and families of 2 other alleged victims are planning present Chicago prosecutors with what they believe is sufficient evidence to prosecute the singer for sexual abuse and other crimes, according to TMZ.

Those behind the efforts said they were fanning out to find other victims who would join their united front before presenting their cases to the State Attorney.

As of 6:30 PM Central Time, the State Attorney had received no calls from alleged victims. The phone number is (773) 674-6492.

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