#Phynofest2016: MI’s performance stops as bouncer beats fans with chain

Right in the middle of what would have been an ultra fantabulous performance by Mister Incredible himself at #Phynofest2016, all hell suddenly broke loose.

MI Abaga performing
Mi Abaga performing at #Phynofest2016

The problem started when fans became dissatisfied with their placement in the open arena and their proximity to the stage area. Desperate to get a better view of their beloved performers, some members of the audience crossed the boundaries demarcating the general space and the space reserved for performance and media personnel. The crowd surged through the barricades and were almost mobbing the artistes on stage. After several attempts to get them back to where they were supposed to be, a certain bouncer  charged towards the crowd with a dog chain.

He brutally swung the chain at them, hitting everyone in his way with the hope to get them back into position but this caused more uproar than bring any order. The agitated audience decided to protest by disconnecting the plastic tiles on the ground and started hurling them at the stage.

All efforts to calm the upset fans proved quite abortive and MI figured that there was no use going ahead with the performance. The music abruptly stopped and the Chocolate City boss hurriedly hopped off the stage with Dj Lambo behind him; cradling her Macbook and scampering for her dear life.

Disappointed Phyno came to the stage to chastise his stadium audience and even had to threaten that he may never bring the show back to the 042 state. They became repentant and apologetically started to chant his name to make him change his mind. After all said and done, a few people scooted backwards as instructed. Although they returned to the cordoned area almost as soon as they left it, the show swung back into fully heated motion and it was almost as if nothing major had happened.

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