Kanye West Reminds Us of God’s World-Ending Promise

Picture by: Pap Nation / SplashNews.com

Kanye West’s new look reminds the world of God’s promise of old.

When it comes to celebs that take daring risks with their fashion and appearance, Kanye West’s name almost immediately comes to mind. His latest fashion decision is one that Ye (who man consider an atheist) may have gotten from the Bible.

Photographers got a few shots of the artiste’s new hairstyle which appears to have the full colours of the rainbow. It likely took a while to pull this off given how many tones are present. The back of his head starts with purple before gradually turning green, yellow, blue and more. If you look at him from the front, pink is the predominant shade on his head.

If you remember in the Old Testament, God used a rainbow to remind Noah that he wasn’t going to destroy the world by flood anymore. And though fans on social media are saying the inspiration may have come from an ice cream cone or the Bifrost bridge on Asgard, the oldest and most known inspiration of the rainbow still remains its first appearance in the Bible.

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