Jada Pinkett-Smith Cried For 45 Days During Marriage Problems

Will Smith has recently opened up on the struggles he and wife Jada Pinkett Smith have endured during their marriage on Red Table Talk.

“There was a period where Mommy woke up and cried 45 days straight,” Will said on “Red Table Talk.” “I started keeping a diary.”

“You missed some days,” Pinkett Smith said in response.

“I think that’s the worst I ever felt in our marriage,” Will, 50, added of the strife. “I was failing miserably.”

The couple, who share two kids, have been married for 20 years.

“We don’t even say we’re married anymore,” Will shared on a podcast in July. “We refer to ourselves as life partners.”

Despite rumours of divorce and separation, Jada, 47, maintains the couple will never part ways.

“Here is the thing about Will and I, we are family, that is never going down,” she said in June. “We are family. Take all of that whole marriage, relationship crap, at the end of the day, Will and I are family. I’m going to hold him down, doesn’t matter.”

“Red Table Talks” returns Oct. 22.

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