Vibe Quickie: Lessons To Learn From Iyanya’s “Hold On” Video

“When e enter, you go feel am”

The above sentence is quite self-explanatory, right? Well, you have a very dirty and filthy mind so there is no way you wouldn’t understand it.

When Iyanya released the video for his semi-50 shades of grey song “Hold On,” I was so hyped to see just how the lyrics, words, and all the things that you imagined in your head (not mine, my mind is clean) when you listened to the audio would play out… and I was rewarded with the most amazing representation of “Men Are Scum”

I mean, can’t we men do anything right anymore in this world? According to “Hold On” video, which by the way had absolutely nothing to do/link with the audio, it is better for women to get robots without any feelings… better to get a robot just for doing the nasty than dating an actual man because surprise surprise, it is the “feelings and emotions” in a man that makes him turn to scum.

Also, be careful of your friends, the girlfriend that is following you to abuse your ex that is a scum will waste no time to hop on your next’s goodies.

Bottomline; 1. Men are scum. 2. Girls, Your BFFs are not to be trusted and 3. also get a vibr-, errr, get a robot to fulfil your carnal desires. And make sure you do not update the software to include emotions… Emotions, bad! No emotions, good!

P.S – When Mr Eazi kept on saying “If I show my feelings,” was he trying to say “If I cheat on you with your BFF”?

Watch the video to Iyanya’s Hold On below:

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