Here’s What Williams Uchemba Has To Say About His Fraud Case

Williams Uchemba is back on social media after taking a short break. He was last seen on his ever-active Instagram page on December 25th 2018. If you recollect, Uchemba was called out for scamming innocent Nigerians, while he posed as a United Nations Youth Envoy.

In his appreciation and new year post, the former child star said he wanted to use the opportunity to thank his friends and family for the journey so far.
His message reads;

‘Happy New Year beautiful people.

It is true we are already seven days into the year but better late than never.

I just want to use this opportunity to thank you all for an exciting and amazing 2018. It was an amazing year filled with lots of victories, challenges and opportunities to learn.

Special thanks to all my family, friends, partners, leaders, mentors and fans who steadfastly stood by me and have supported me. Thank you for your priceless support towards The WilliamsUcheMbah foundation, The give challenge, the IdontlikewhatIhate brand and every other project we embarked on, in one way or another. Thank you for your love, encouragement prayers and partnership. We were able to put smiles on so many faces last year. We couldn’t have achieved the things we did without you.

Lastly and most importantly, I thank God almighty without who I am nothing. His grace and mercy preserved me even in my darkest hours and every achievement and victory I have ever attained is because of him.

I still have so much to say, but all in due time.

So I welcome 2019 with great expectation; there are great things waiting to be achieved by those who will combine hard-work with God’s grace to achieve worthwhile goals and aspirations.

It’s game-time. Blessings to all!
#idontlikewhatihate at allll!!😎”

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