From Asia To The World: Meet “Higher Brothers”, China’s Biggest Rappers

When it comes to Asian music and we’re told to call names of Asian Artistes and Asian songs, the only name that might come to mind would be Psy, the South Korean dude who sang Gangnam Style. What if I told you that China has its own version of Migos and apparently, these guys are the biggest rappers in Asia. Their name? Higher Brothers

Hailing from Chengdu, the Higher Brothers are bringing the trap rap sound to China. The group consists of four homies — Melo, Psy. P, Masiwei, and DZKNOW. The Higher Brothers found the inspiration for their name from the household Chinese air conditioner brand, Haier.

While the Chinese government has an authoritarian rule when it comes to the kind of songs they air (with them regularly banning songs for flimsy reasons), they’ve allowed Higher brothers remain in the spotlight, probably because their songs indirectly promote China as a country.

Even your favourite trap rappers love them and some of them hope to work with Higher Brothers in the nearest future.

They say pictures speak a thousand words, well, videos literally speak a thousand words so rather than bore you with stories that touch, let me leave you with a few of their videos that I think are awesome.

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