FreeMe Digital vs TuneCore: Where Do I Sell My Music?


There are 99 Reasons to choose Freeme Digital over TuneCore but for the purpose of humility & simplicity, we’ll focus on the 5 striking ones:

  • You are not billed every time you need to upload a new content. You can relax knowing that you can upload an unlimited amount of audios (album and singles) on all platforms with just a one-time annual payment. Trust me, you don’t want to pay another $30 “out-of-your-pocket” every time you need to release a new record.


  • Freeme Digital helps you tap into every major music revenue stream, including (but not restricted to the following):
    • Distribution on Int’l Platforms
    • Local Platforms
    • YouTube Monetization
    • Music Publishing Administration
    • Free Video Shoot for Professional Upcoming Artistes

*FM Publishing is available in numerous countries and territories. More details about that soon

  • If you ever have questions, our customer service team are always happy to talk or chat… and if you’re NOT IN THE MOOD TO SEND AN EMAIL or speak on the phone, you can walk into our world-class multipurpose studio at the heart of Lekki for a chat with our service team. You’ll be glad you did.


  • We’ll give you tools and promotional resources you need to promote and sell your music like breeze. Get FREE access to the same music marketing tools used by the major labels. Monitor your trending reports and analytics with a touch of a button


  • Our world-class artiste portal provides you direct access to your revenue as it grows, so the question of transparency is fully taken care of before it arises… Yep, we’re “BAD LIKE THAT”.

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              Freeme Digital VS TuneCore

Album Cost One-time payment of NGN25,000/per annum and you can upload an unlimited amount of audios (albums and singles) on all platforms(smaller packages available) $29.99
Single Cost $9.99
Annual fees for Albums No annual charges for albums $49
Annual fees for Singles No annual charges for singles $9.99
Int’l Distribution Partners                            YES        YES
Local Distribution Partners                            YES         NO
Artist promotion and support                            YES         NO
Affordable World-class Production Studio for Quality Content Creation                            YES          NO
Local office for customer care and client services                            YES          NO

You can ask them more questions via their Help Center

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