Explained: Why Men Prefer Short Women

Because short women are portable and fun sized

Ever noticed how almost all the couples you see consist of a tall man and a short woman. It’s not necessarily the case that men like ladies under a specific stature but instead, they like ladies who are shorter than they are. Indeed, some folks may like ladies who are taller than they are however this isn’t normally the standard. Here’s the reason men appear to like ladies on the shorter side.

1. BECAUSE SHORT WOMEN TEND TO BE LESS INTIMIDATING: Do you know why models are so very intimidating? It doesn’t really have to do with the fact that they’re beautiful. Many short women are beautiful. Models are very tall and they tower over others. Weaker men with smaller egos would rather not have a woman look intimidating to them. It can make them feel small and therefore, like less of a man. Even though they’re not.

2. SHORTER WOMEN ARE BELIEVED TO BE MORE MOTHERLY: This has nothing to do with the fact that women are shorter and more to do with psychology. When guys see a shorter woman, they subconsciously think she’s more nurturing and motherly. This is all about genetics and how our minds perceive shorter women.

3. BECAUSE SOCIETY PREFERS IT THAT WAY: Unfortunately, this is just reality. Guys who are dating women taller than them get funny looks because others think it makes the man look less manly. This is a very twisted image society has projected onto people. However, guys still feel affected by it.

4. IT MAKES US FEEL MORE MASCULINE: Guys love to feel manly. That’s really the bulk of what you need to know about what guys like. It’s why men prefer very feminine looking women. And that’s why some guys prefer women who are shorter. Now, don’t make the mistake of thinking all guys have an ego problem and just need you to make them feel manly. However, a very large reason guys like short girls is because they can feel bigger, and therefore, manlier.

5. IT GIVES US A SENSE OF PROTECTIVENESS: Again, this has a lot to do with masculinity. Guys want to feel manly and by being larger than the women they date, they’ll feel like they can protect them. This is also related to a guy’s instinct to protect. That job is made easier when the women are a bit smaller and they’ll feel like they’re doing more.


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