Ex-BBnaija Housemate KBrule Asks, “I’M NIGERIAN. DON’T YOU HAVE RESPECT?”

K.BruleIt takes someone special to have the kind of impact KBrule had in the Big Brother Naija house – an impact and a personality that has never before been seen on the show.

In an interview with Big Brother Naija ex-housemate Kbrule, the artist talks about life before big brother, his stay in the house, and what next for him career-wise.

Having watched his fanbase grow from nothing pre-BBNaija to thousands of Nigerians – mostly females (and with good reason) – becoming stans after his brief spell in the BBNaija house, KBrule spoke about how much he enjoyed his stay in the house, his anger after getting disqualified, his favourite housemates, and his displeasure in being called white. He also talks about music being his first love and how he intends to further his career.


What was it like in the big brother house?

Fun, carefree, entertaining and never a dull moment.

How was life before big brother?

Life was hard, a lot of challenges musically and financially. Life was good but tough.

Did we see the real Kbrule or was it all an act?

You saw the exaggerated Kbrule. The real thing just played a little more.

Who was the realest and who do you think wasn’t so real?

I think Nina and Ifu were the realest and not so real, I thought maybe Leo and Khloe.

Who was your favourite housemate?

I’d say, Rico, he’s fun and energetic.

There were speculations that you took a picture with your butt showing. Why?

I took the picture in good form. Was to be a joke mimicking girls way of thinking selfies.

Are you in any way interested in both sexes?

I am 110% straight.

Is everyone or anyone camera conscious or are the cameras forgotten?

At some point, I think you just kind of forget.

Somewhere somehow you said you were suicidal. Are you?

I didn’t say I am, I said I was. It was a phase I’m out of already and I bare the scar with pride.

Did you think you’d leave the house so soon?

Hells to the yes.

What went wrong between you and Khloe?

I was so drunk, I have no recollection, blame it on myself for drinking the alcohol irresponsibly.

How did your disqualification make you feel?

I was so angry, there was a lot of regret but such is life.

If you were to return to the house, would you pick Khloe as your partner and if not who would you pick?

No, because strategically I felt I’d have been better with a couple more people. Like Bam-Bam, Alex or Ifu.

Was big brother Naija a plan or did it just happen?

It kind of just happened, someone told me to go.

Has big brother Naija affected your life in any way? Positively or negatively and how?

Everything so far has been positive from the gifts to attention. It’s been all positive for me.

What’s your take on the issue of sex in the house?

We are humans, we like sex. You do it and no one sees you doesn’t make much different from what’s going on.

If there were no rules, no cameras. Who’d you go down with?

How many names can I call? (Laughs). Anto and Alex.

Were you emotionally attached to anyone?

No, not really.

Did any of the ladies make a move?

Everyone was overly friendly so…

Did your last strike dent your relationship with your partner? Are you guys still friends?

I do not hold a grudge, I spoke to her 2hours before coming here, so…

What is life after #bbnaija like?

It has been good, I have been busy, I love being busy. I meet new people and there are new stuffs. Like this is the life.

If you had to go back who would you replace?

That’s a hard one… id replace Big Brother.

What’s next now after the house?

Everything is music wise. I’m in hustle mood now. My love is music I’d love to be in the studio from morning till night but I’ll be dabbing into acting and doing skits.

What did you do then but can’t do now?

I can’t take danfo anymore and the rest of public transport. I can’t meet a girl in a club and take her home … I didn’t sign off for this… (Laugh).

Are brands reaching out now that you’re out?

My management tells me they’ve been having conversations so yes, no concrete conversation yet so keep it coming.

How do you feel being called white?

It annoys me, especially in the Nigeria embassy. My passport is green, don’t you have respect?

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