ChidoKeyz: “I Won’t Be Surprised If I Am Nominated For An Award Next Year”


Chidiebere David Omeje popularly known by his stage name, ChidoKeyz has managed to win himself a massive fan base after his widely known single featuring Davido titled WITH YOU.

The fast-rising was born and bred in Abuja, Nigeria and says he started music in secondary school, writing lyrics on the back of his school books. He continued that till he got into the university and had access to record his songs.

In this interview, ChidoKeyz talked about his life before music, his life with music, his record label, his song with Davido and promises his fans to never let them down, as he believes that people are watching out for him now that he has a song with Davido.

He says…

“I won’t be surprised if I am nominated for an award next year. The support I am getting is great and I won’t let those that believe in me down”

What would Chidokeyz define music as?

I’ll define music as a way of expressing one’s inner self, the expression of one’s feel/environment. For me, music is about what happens around me.

Your song with Davido “with you”, tell us about it. How did you meet Davido and what inspired the song

I met Davido through someone very close to him, who have been following my music for a while. He reached out to me on Instagram asking to link up, we did, after which he took me to Davido’s place. I played some of my songs when I got there and they liked it. Davido told me I could come to the house anytime, so I visited sometime. We were vibing one day in the studio, Fresh, Peruzzi and I, I made the chorus to “with you” using an Igbo vibe and Peruzzi talked about how Davido has been looking for a vibe like that one. Davido asked who did the song when he heard it, turned out he really liked it and he jumped on it.

What inspires your music?

As I said earlier, my environment inspires my music, where I am at a time inspires what I write. As at the time I recorded with Davido, we were at the club. These guys don’t sleep, they vibe at any time, day or night. It was sometime around pass 1:00 am we recorded “with you” and the experience we had in the club inspired the song.

So going back to when you started music, did something or someone inspire you to do music?

My love for music was inspired hugely by someone. I was a child when I started listening to music and people were amazed at how I could listen to music the way I did, especially that I was listening to Fela but I loved his personality and I read about him any little chance I got. So I can say Fela’s life hugely inspired my love for music and I grew up with my mom in the choir, that was also a factor.

How long would you say you’ve been doing music professionally?

I started recording music when I got into the university, my colleague “Spane 5” talked me into my first recording, and I recorded some songs with him, he had a studio in his room back then. Professionally, I started in 2017 when I got signed to BO Entertainment.

How has the journey been for you since you started?

It hasn’t been easy but with God, we’ve been doing great. When I dropped my first single, the acceptance was massive and everybody liked it. So, it has been ok.


What is your biggest challenge in doing music?

I have a platform pushing me now so I think the only challenge I have is to be better than I am now. Now that I have a song with Davido, everyone will be looking out for me. So the pressure to do better is there, I have to show everyone that I am here for serious business.

If you had to stop doing music, what would you be doing?

Before I started music, I used to play football, my parents thought I was going to be a footballer. So if I am not doing music, I’ll be playing football or I’ll probably work with my certificate. I read engineering.

Who are you looking to feature next?

I did a song with Kuami Eugene in Ghana waiting to be put out, I have a song with Wizkid and a short while back, I recorded a song with Ceesa milli and shady. So, we are already making records just waiting to be put out.


Talking about features, what brought about the situation of you being mistaken as Davido’s in-law?

I wouldn’t know, just like you saw it, It’s a media thing I guess because having a song with Davido doesn’t happen every day. So, people just came to that conclusion, I guess there are other stories but that the one we’ve seen.

Outside music, who is ChidoKeyz?

Outside Music, ChidoKeyz is one humble guy, very lowkey. Trying to be a better person, I am African to the core, I like to represent Africa. I am originally from Nsuka, Enugu state.

Tell us about your new projects?

I just dropped a song “Allowance”, it’s a controversial song. Even if it creates controversy, we’re still going to do it.


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