Asaads: My Dream Is To Be On Top Of My Game Always


With the hit song Mu Ro Le, his first released single with Swift Music Empire. Asaads, Nigerian songwriter and singer has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

The artiste who we believe to be spiritual says he didn’t just pick his name, he saw the name in a dream and kept it. Listening to him talk about how his love for music grew, I got curious when he said he originally wanted to be a footballer.

Now I have to ask, what is it with guys and football? #rolling my eyes… #laugh

When asked about who Asaads is outside music, he says…

“Asaads is a really cool person but there’s nothing to differentiate. Both in and outside of the name Asaads, I am the same person”

Asaads, what does the name mean?

Actually, to get Asaads, I had to put together my name. That’s Alaba Seun Azeez Ayodele Success. So when you pronounce it, it is more like the “D” is silent.

Why didn’t you pick a funky name or something, why did you have to put all your names together?

Funny enough, I dreamt about the name. Like, it came to me in my sleep so I decided to use it.

What is music to Asaads?

Music is life, music is everything, there is basically nothing I do that doesn’t involve music. If I am walking on the road I’m singing, I use rhymes sometimes when talking, so basically music is life.


How did music start for you?

I started doing music in secondary school, like whenever a teacher wasn’t in class, I’d sing popular songs at that time, I can remember vividly I sang MO HITs “close to you”. Then I decided to start doing music for real and create my own stuff.

Was your love for music inspired by someone or something?

Actually Ehn… #laughs. When I was little, I just wanted to be a footballer but I noticed that during those times, I sing and the passion started growing from there. I was rapping at first but I had this friend then who said I had this voice and could become a good singer and just work on it. Then I fell in love with music big time. When I was little, most of the things I did involved music but I did not notice it because all I wanted to do was play ball. I understood that it was music for me when I got older.

Describing your sound, what kind of music would you say you do?

I could say I am Afro and I like to be versatile, I like to mess around with different sounds so I don’t stay in one lane. I get inspired by what I see, what I listen to, what people talk about and I make music out of it, so you can’t specifically say Asaads is a Shaku guy, no, I am an all-rounder.


Let’s talk about Mu Ro Le… Weren’t you scared that Slimcase was going to steal the attention directed towards you and the song?

I wasn’t afraid at all, my management contacted him so we could work together and put out a good song. So, him being a star already helps me in a way to get that attention we are talking about to me. So, both give, it all works together.

The video has a lot going on and features a lot of in it from vixens to actors and artistes, why was that?

It is a motion picture soundtrack and that is how it is shot anywhere in the world, so you need to have a little bit of everything in it, especially skits from the movie so people understand what to expect. So, that was the plan.

How did you feel about Mu Ro Le as the official soundtrack of the movie “Lagos fake life”?

It is huge, it is huge. It is a movie directed by popular Nollywood actor Mike Ezuronye. So, for me to be on that kind of project, that is mind blown.

Swift Music Empire… When/how did you get signed?

About a year ago, my manager and DJ Stramborella pushed my music, put it into different mixes and it came across my present management. They reached out to Dj Stramborella asking about a song on the mix, my song. Dj Stramborella told them about me and boom… that’s how everything happened and swift music became home.

When did you start music professionally?

I started doing music professionally in 2011.

If you were not doing music what would you be doing?

I’d be a banker but the initial dream was to be a footballer.

What is your major challenge in music?

I’d say not achieving my dreams, which is to be on top of my game always.


Don’t you think it’s a little bit too late to tap into the shaku shaku trend as it slowly fading away already?

As I said, I am a versatile artiste, I play with all sounds and basically, I have new sounds coming in. New sounds, new vibes. Once you listen, you’ll be blown away trust me. So, it is not all about shaku.

Who are your top 5 artistes right now?

Haha!!! 2Baba, Wande Coal, OBO Davido, Wizkid, and Asaads. #laughs

Who are your favourite behind the scene people {producers/ directors}

Dj Mo, Echo, Iam Beat, KillerTunes and Fresh

Tell us about your new projects…

After Mu Ro Le, I have a lot of projects coming in. I did a song in Ghana and I did another one in South Africa. Just a whole lot of projects coming in back to back, there is no time to sleep.



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