American Actress Jennifer Lawrence Dazzles on Four Vogue Magazine Covers

American actress Jennifer Lawrence is the cover girl for Vogue’s 125th anniversary September issue, not one, but four September Vogue covers, as the fashion magazine reveals four separate covers to celebrate its 125th anniversary. She opened up about quite a lot including her secret romance with her much older director boyfriend Darren Aronofsky, 48. Jennifer spoke for the first time about her relationship with Darren, and also the accusation that was levied against her.

Speaking about her relationship: “We had energy. I had energy for him. I don’t know how he felt about me. I normally don’t like Harvard people, because they can’t go two minutes without mentioning that they went to Harvard. He’s not like that.”

She added: “For the past year, I’ve been dealing with him as just a human. I’ve been in relationships before where I am just confused. And I’m never confused with him.”

The actress, who has previously appeared on the cover of Vogue twice, appears in four cover photographs for the magazine, as well as a painted portrait by US artist John Currin.


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