8 personal security tips to keep safe this Yuletide season

Before we get carried away by all the merriment that accompanies the Yuletide, it is important that our sense of security is constantly alert. It is quite unfortunate that a season with love and togetherness as its predominant theme is the same one that crime is at its best. In the temporary absence of a way to totally eradicate this misdemeanor, these tips will go a long way in making sure you and your family enjoy peace during and beyond the holidays.

Avoid crowded places.

You have probably heard this a million times but it is definitely a justifiable cliche. In the case where you must be in a place swarmed with people, be sure to go about your business quickly and leave. Use cinemas and malls that have a visibly credible security system and process at the very least. Find seats that are closest to exits at concerts or large social gatherings. Public hubs are usually targets for blood thirsty miscreants and even though chaos is the least wished thing, it is better safe than sorry.

Invest in security accessories.

Getting home before dark is probably one of the greatest precautions with regards to safety. However, if you are circumstantially obliged to go about your business during wee hours, it is very advisable that you invest in items such as pepper sprays, tasers, pocket knives e.t.c… Depending on the nature of your late night movements, your status and some other factors, you could even get a licensed firearm. Although this may seem going too far,  we MUST go to whatever length to ensure we keep safe.

Take self defense classes.

If you are physically stable and disposed to taking one of these ass kicking lessons, then by all means do. Whether it is Taekwondo, Karate, Jujutsu or Boxing, take some time out to learn some techniques to help you wriggle your way out of danger. Please remember to use your self defense moves only when you are attacked and not on your friends and family.


Be careful using public transportation

If you commute using public transportation, please scan other commuters by studying body languages and facial expressions before hopping in. Avoid empty  vehicles and those that have only men aboard. It is quite preferable to sit close to a door to ease jumping out if sh*t hits the fan. Refuse to be forcefully ushered to a particular seat and make sure your valuables are tucked away carefully in your bag. Keep your eyes on the road and watch out for any unusual and unfamiliar paths the driver might decide to take and respectfully question his choice. Your deductions may  not be correct all the time but they will definitely serve as tangible measures.

Security animals

If you are an animal person and do not mind feeding an extra mouth, this should work well for you. Although dogs are the most common pick for guard animals. some studies also suggest geese, swans, guinea fowls and parrots.  These are territorial birds that get uneasy and make alarming sounds or even attack when they encounter strangers. In cases where these species are not predominant in your clime, a properly trained guard dog or tiny alarm dog will work just fine.


Home security

Keep doors sufficiently locked at all times. If and when it can be afforded, invest in home alarm and surveillance systems to help monitor your immediate environs.

Be careful when driving alone

When driving alone and in places you are not familiar with, always go at a moderate speed: Slow enough to not get yourself killed, but with enough velocity to run down any person or thing that visibly poses danger. Always keep your doors locked and windows wound up. In the case that you need natural air, it is best to slightly crack two or more windows but definitely not all the way down. Keep your valuables out of sight and try your best to keep your phone’s back-light dim (if you have to use it) especially in traffic. Avoid picking up total strangers and do not play your music too loud in areas you do not trust so as not to attract unnecessary attention.

Trust your instincts

This may come off as spiritual but trusting your instincts have saved you many times than you can imagine. Have there been times when you were supposed to go somewhere and you randomly changed your  mind only for it to have been the best decision you ever made? Instincts. Listen to your guts when it comes to anything thing that could have security consequences; especially when the feeling is unmistakable.

Be calm in the face of danger.

In very bad situations where you are being attacked or confronted with danger, remain calm. Always have emergency numbers that are designed for your location handy. Be respectful to perpetrators and comply with whatever their demands are.  Deeply study the situation around you before rash decisions such as screaming or running.

Be careful to not channel paranoia in the name of “keeping safe” but do all you can to ensure you and your family enjoy the holidays, free of  tension. Please share your tips that have worked for you in the comment section because security measures are definitely inexhaustible!


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